127 out of 159 people in the school were diagnosed with new coronal infection in Hanyi church school

Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Seoul, people.com.cn January (25), Zhou Yubo and Cao Xiangyu, January 24th, the IEM International School in Daxing hole, Daejeon, South Korea, has reported a new outbreak of pneumonia. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is reported to be a boarding school, including 122 students and 37 staff members, including 159 students in the school. The new crown pneumonia confirmed the number of cases was 127, with a infection rate of 80%.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia symptoms were reported on a student’s day 12 this month, but no active examination was conducted.

After the outbreak of collective infection, the Korean Department of epidemic prevention is concerned that this will become the “second new world events”, so the first time in the school dormitory set up screening points for close contacts of the investigation. At present, 146 close contacts of the two initially diagnosed students have been identified, including 122 students and 24 teaching staff. The nucleic acid test results of the close contacts were 125 positive, 18 negative, and 3 uncertain, which required further testing.

It is reported that the confirmed patients had been transferred to Eshan life treatment center on the morning of the 25th, and the undiagnosed patients had been intensively isolated and began medical observation.

According to the students of the school, because the school is a boarding school, they did not go out or meet their parents after entering the school on January 15, and they are in a relatively closed state. Therefore, the path of infection of the students initially diagnosed in the school is not clear. The epidemic prevention department speculated that in the case of students unable to contact with the outside world, the virus is likely to be brought into the campus through five teaching staff who can go in and out freely. The school is densely populated. The third to fifth floors of the teaching building are used as student dormitories. 7-20 students share a dormitory and the space is relatively closed, which increases the risk of communication.

After the incident, Datian city immediately blocked the school. Xu Taizheng, mayor of Datian City, said that he will work with the Department of education of Datian city to investigate whether the school has complied with the epidemic prevention regulations, and carry out investigation on other similar public facilities.

It is understood that Daejeon IEM international school is an educational institution under the name of im (international mission) church, which aims to “save the next generation of South Korea” and train missionaries. Although the school has not been recognized by the Korean Department of education, it recruits a group of 16-18-year-old young students every year. The teaching content is divided into two parts: religious content and basic junior and senior high school cultural course content. The 24-hour boarding system is adopted.

According to South Korean media, relevant people of IM church are still holding orientation meetings in various parts of South Korea recently. TCS international schools, which are also boarding schools of IM church, are all over Korea. There are three in Gwangju alone, and 15 in Seoul, Busan, Incheon and Matsushima. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is also a concern for the Korean Department of epidemic prevention, which will become another IM fuse for the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic nationwide.


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