In order to reduce the flow of people, 5 hotels in Tokyo provide low-cost rooms to boost enterprise Telecommuting

People’s daily, Tokyo, January 25 (Li muhang) – after the “Declaration of emergency” was issued in Tokyo, Japan, telecommuting has been further promoted in order to control the flow of people and reduce the number of commuters by 70%, NHK television reported. Among them, five hotels in Tokyo’s Tama region will open 100 guest rooms as “satellite offices” to replace the company’s office space from the 20th.

Five hotels in Tokyo’s Tama region will open 100 rooms as “satellite offices” from the 20th.

According to reports, these “satellite offices” are mainly for people who live or work in the Tokyo metropolitan area. They need to book hotel rooms one day in advance. They can be used from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and the cost for one day is 500 yen / room (about 31.2 yuan / room).

In order to further promote telecommuting, Tokyo will subsidize hotels and other related facilities that provide room rental.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government said it would provide 3000 yen (about 187.2 yuan) per room per day to enterprises leasing hotel rooms for the purpose of telecommuting, calling on all enterprises to actively promote telecommuting.


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