The Japanese government’s demand for a 70% reduction in attendance has distressed some enterprises

People’s daily, Tokyo, January 25 (Xinhua) according to the Asahi Shimbun website, along with Fukuoka Prefecture also entered a state of emergency on January 14, enterprises in Kyushu region also further strengthened the epidemic prevention measures of working at home. However, some enterprises have pointed out that they have not been ready for home due to the sudden announcement of a state of emergency, and the response measures have reached the limit.

It is reported that the Japanese government, by issuing an emergency declaration, hopes that enterprises will reduce attendance by 70%, and resolutely implement the home office and alternate attendance system.

Japan’s Kyushu Electric Power Company issued a notice in the company on the 14th, demanding that the number of office workers in Fukuoka Prefecture be cut by 70%. When Japan declared a state of emergency in April last year, more than 3000 of the company’s 12000 employees worked at home at the same time, but after September, the number of people working at home dropped to about 500. It is reported that power stations and power supply departments in Kyushu will encourage employees to work at home on the basis of stable power supply.

On the other hand, many enterprises in Fukuoka County say that it is difficult for 70% of employees to work at home. The West Japan Railway Company began to strengthen the epidemic prevention measures of home office on the 14th. They controlled the attendance of about 700 employees in the head office in Fukuoka City to less than 50%. Even if you go to work, you have to leave work before 8 pm. A spokesman for the company’s Publicity Department said: “we will try our best to take epidemic prevention measures without affecting the company’s business development.”


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