“Colorful Hong Kong” in Xi’an

All media reporters Li Yangbo and Zhang Shizhen report from Xi’an: bustling central, Causeway Bay with delicious food, and Taiping peak with beautiful scenery… The “colorful Hong Kong” Exhibition hosted by the Liaison Office of the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in Shaanxi officially appeared in Xi’an on January 23. This exhibition brings together many elements of Hong Kong’s tourism, food, architecture, culture, etc It is filled with a strong “Hong Kong flavor”, which makes many people in Xi’an enjoy themselves.

This “colorful Hong Kong” exhibition is divided into six sections, namely “charming Hong Kong”, “architectural feast”, “urban light”, “Hong Kong flavor feelings”, “urban imprint” and “Hong Kong Style”. It lasts for 10 days. It aims to show the fashion, culture and vitality of Hong Kong as an international metropolis in Asia in an intuitive, three-dimensional and multi-dimensional way, so that more Shaanxi people can further understand Hong Kong and promote cultural exchanges between the two places Flow.

(from all media news center)


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