One dose of Shenghui 20000 Tesco “trump therapy”

Do or think the same without prior consulation2 panic buying novel coronavirus pneumonia, Germany and Canada are seeking new &ldquo, the Agence France-Presse &rdquo. Germany announced novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia treatment in Germany, while 400 million Canadian dollars were purchased by former US President Trump. The Canadian researchers found that colchicine, an oral drug for gout, is helpful in treating new crown pneumonia.

Germany has spent 400 million euros (about 3.7 billion Hong Kong dollars) to purchase 200000 doses of Trump’s same anti epidemic drug “regn-cov2 & quot;, 2000 euros (about 19000 Hong Kong dollars) each dose, German Health Minister Stephen schpan told German Sunday Bild on the 24th. The multiantibody cocktail, which consists of two monoantibody drugs, will be available in university hospitals in the next week.

He did not disclose the manufacturers of these drugs, but confirmed that, like the drugs taken by then US President trump after he diagnosed the new coronavirus in October last year, the effect is similar to passive vaccination. Early use of these antibodies can help high-risk patients and avoid further deterioration. He also said Germany was the first country in the European Union to use this treatment to fight the epidemic.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia treatment in Montreal has been shown in a large clinical trial in Canada, which reduces the risk of new crown pneumonia and reduces the risk of complications.

Team leader tadif said Narcissus alkaloid can effectively prevent the patient’s immune system from overreacting, removing invaders and damaging itself, and reduce the risk of complications related to new crowns.


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