Pfizer’s first dose vaccine dispute


The protection rate of the first dose was 52%, and it reached 95% one week after the second dose

Ashe, chief epidemic prevention expert of Israel

The protection rate after the first dose is lower than the data given by Pfizer. According to other media reports, among the 2 million people who received the vaccine in Israel, more than 12400 people were still infected after the first dose

Minister of health of Israel

It is admitted that some people are still infected after vaccination, but the number of critically ill and hospitalized people has decreased

Israel studies

The effective rate of the elderly over 60 years old after the first dose was only 33%

Joint Commission on vaccination and immunization (JCVI)

The protection rate of the first dose of vaccine may be as low as 33%, and it may need to be injected every year in the future

Ta Kung Pao


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