Fair world / can Biden’s “telephone diplomacy” cross the Pacific / Zhou dewu

Today is Biden’s first weekend in the White House since he became president. The former vice president, who has been in the White House for eight years, is very familiar with every plant in the White House.

On January 20, the inauguration ceremony of the US president, which was full of strong sense of ceremony, did not make a big mistake, which made many Americans feel relieved. Although Capitol Hill lost some popularity and the cold wind almost blew George W. Bush’s scarf to the ground, it was Democratic Senator Sanders, dressed in a down jacket and gloves, sitting alone on a folding chair, which became the most eye-catching scene at the ceremony. Some people think that he is a “deviant” of the Democratic Party, which is incompatible with the mainstream establishment, but his simple image is just the epitome of many lower class Americans.

In the new president’s “accession to the throne” ceremony, Sanders is undoubtedly the most “warm and cold” one. What makes him cold is that how much of his “democratic socialism” theory can be accepted by Biden is still uncertain, and his preferred position as secretary of labor is vacant. However, what makes him warm is that the White House and the house of representatives have become the world of the Democratic Party, and the oath that he once promised to “be sure to drive trump down” has finally come true.

In the cold winter, Biden’s 20 minute inaugural speech was tedious and tedious. &”Unity” and “democracy” are the high-frequency words in his speech. Biden did not avoid the “106” incident, emphasizing that “democracy is precious and fragile” and that “American democracy has finally won”;. The problem is that President trump refused to attend the inauguration ceremony, law and order were completely under the pressure of soldiers, and the main scenic spots in the capital were cleared. Only a few thousand people were invited. Compared with the previous hundreds of thousands of scenes, it can only be described as “nothing but a bird”. Epidemic prevention, riot prevention and assassination prevention became the top priority. All these practices, if replaced by another country, will surely be called “the failure of democracy” by western countries. How can “the victory of democracy” come from;?

Biden’s return to the White House is faced with a broken and extremely torn United States. The Republican and democratic parties are no longer the differences in policies, but the opposition and conflict between values and ideology. Harris became Vice President, Austin became the first black defense secretary, and more people of color are about to enter Biden’s cabinet. The color of the political center of the United States is becoming more diverse, which is a reality that white supremacists can’t tolerate, and “uniting the United States” will become more difficult.

Biden signed 17 executive orders on his first day in office, rejecting a series of policies implemented by trump. The two parties “mutual veto” has gradually become the mainstream of American politics. Biden is stepping up the liquidation of Trump’s political legacy these two days. Senate Republican John McConnell has made it clear that trump is partly responsible for the & lt; 106 & gt; incident. However, whether the Democratic Party can win the 17 votes of the Republican Party is still very uncertain. Seven members of the Democratic Party have also submitted a request to the ethics committee of the Senate to investigate the role of senators such as Cruz and holly in the “106” incident. Do they place personal and party interests above national interests? In any case, Trump’s impeachment is a sharp sword for the former president. If trump insists on establishing another “Patriotic Party” at this time, it is highly probable that the Republican Party and the Democratic Party will join hands to cut off Trump’s comeback. After all, it is a fatal blow for the Republican Party to split into two parties. In the foreseeable future, it means that the Republican party will not be able to turn over.

As a phenomenon, the third party has appeared many times in the history of the United States, but there is no precedent for its success. In the 1911 U.S. general election, the elder rosford intended to return to the White House and set up a new Central Committee to form the Progressive Party, and finally only won 27.4% of the general election votes, but he was on the verge of failure. In the 1991 U.S. general election, Perot appeared as an independent third party and won 18.9% of the general election votes, which effectively dispersed the votes of the elder Bush and made the dark horse Clinton reap the benefits. It can be seen that even if trump intends to return to the political stage in some form, it is difficult for him to show his ferocious teeth before the impeachment case is settled.

Biden has made it very clear that he put internal affairs first and anti epidemic first. He issued a 200 page anti epidemic new deal, and he announced that the country would meet the darkest winter with a state of war;. It is not difficult to answer the question of who is the main enemy of the United States. The current complex epidemic situation not only requires the joint efforts of the American people, but also the joint efforts of the international community.

This weekend, Biden can launch “telephone diplomacy” as head of state. It is said that Biden will have a telephone conversation with the Prime Minister of Canada and the president of Mexico, and will have a telephone conversation with European leaders next week.

How Biden will deal with China is not only related to the future of Sino US relations, but also will have a significant impact on the world. China is not the enemy of the United States, and the Chinese have proved it by their own actions. The new coronavirus is our common enemy. The United States is in a “wartime state” and China has exported valuable materials to the United States. So far, China has exported as many as 43 billion masks to the United States, as well as a large number of protective clothing, ventilators, and so on. How can it be said that a hostile country delivers “wartime supplies” to an enemy country?

Abandoning the wrong China policy of his predecessor should be on the agenda. Biden recalled his past with Chinese leaders in 2011 during a public official swearing in ceremony on the 20th, which triggered various interpretations and led to some reverie. I hope that Washington will return to rationality and cooperation as soon as possible on the road of returning to normality and on the judgment of Sino US relations. Competition does not exclude cooperation, cooperation does not exclude competition, cooperation in competition, development in struggle, and progress in twists and turns. The words of the 1990s are still not outdated today.


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