Biden’s new deal

Biden's new deal

Photo: National Guard soldiers sleep in the parking lot of the federal justice building on the 21st. /Internet pictures

[Ta Kung Pao] The Associated Press, CNN and the New York Times reported that after the US Congress riots on January 6, US President elect Biden called the “thugs are local terrorists.”;. Just two days after Biden took office in the White House, he immediately introduced measures to strengthen the fight against terrorism in the United States. White House spokesman pasaki said on the 22nd that Biden ordered the office of the director of national intelligence, the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) and the Department of Homeland Security to cooperate to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the threat of violent extremism at home. In addition, to ensure the security of Washington during the trump impeachment trial, about 7000 National Guard soldiers will remain in Washington until March.

So far, more than 140 people have been prosecuted in the US Congress riots, and nearly one fifth of them have military background. Experts said that before the Congress riots, the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and the Washington police all noticed the information of incitement to violence on the Internet, but they did not deploy enough security personnel, which eventually led to the fall of the Congress. The incident reflected the authorities’ failure to cope with the new situation of the increasing threat of domestic terrorism.

Investigate social media roles

Pusaki said the Congressional riots reflected the growing threat to national security posed by the rise of domestic violent extremism, and Biden had instructed the director of national intelligence to work with the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security to comprehensively assess the risks of this issue. The National Security Council of the United States will conduct policy assessment on how to better share relevant threat information within the government. Pusaki also revealed that the authorities will investigate the role of social media in inciting extremism, emphasize respect for the U.S. Constitution, and protect people’s rights to freedom of speech and political participation.

Haines, the new director of national intelligence, promised to conduct relevant risk assessment at the confirmation hearing earlier. It is not clear what the details of the assessment will be and whether it will prompt intelligence agencies to expand their law enforcement powers.

Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee of the Democratic Party, said that this practice shows that the Biden administration attaches great importance to the threat of terrorism, especially the extreme ideological trends such as extreme right-wing and white supremacy, which are growing on the Internet, have become one of the most dangerous threats to the United States. &”FBI Director ray said last fall that in the past year, most of the deadliest violent activities were carried out by anarchists and militia.

Biden apologizes for the National Guard sleeping in the parking lot

With 25000 National Guard soldiers stationed in Washington on guard, the inauguration ceremony was held safely on the 20th. According to a statement by the National Guard, about 15000 of the 25000 National Guard members will return to the states within five to 10 days. Two defense officials said that because of concerns about possible violent demonstrations during the impeachment trial of former president trump, which starts in early February, and Biden’s first congressional speech in the next few weeks, they are discussing asking about 7000 National Guard soldiers to stay in Washington until March.

In addition, photos of a group of National Guard soldiers sleeping in the parking lot of Congress caused a stir on the Internet recently. A soldier said in an interview: “yesterday, dozens of members of Parliament came to take pictures and shake hands with us. In less than 24 hours, when we were no longer needed, we were driven to the parking lot. We feel betrayed. &”Two soldiers from the Maryland National Guard said that they shared toilets with hundreds of people in the parking lot. They were hard to fall asleep because of the glare of the lights. The air was not ventilated, they could not charge, and they lacked cold shelter. One of them, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, said: “I’ve never been kicked off the road like this. ”

The poor and crowded rest environment has also caused concern about virus transmission among soldiers. Nearly 250 of the 25000 members of the national guard who attended the inauguration ceremony tested positive for the new crown, a defense official said. The number of people infected with the disease is expected to increase further.

The above situation caused dissatisfaction among US politicians, and some Republican governors even called for the recall of the National Guard. Biden on the 22nd called the head of the National Guard and apologized to him. He also mentioned that his late son Bo had served in the Delaware National Guard. First lady Jill visited soldiers on duty in Congress on the 22nd and sent chocolate cookies to thank them.

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