Professional immorality / Wu Qiubei criticizes Hong Kong and Taiwan reporters for deliberately misleading

Some journalists in the Jordan blockade area were groundless picky about the materials distributed by the government, were approved to set up a field, lost their profession, and even deliberately misled the public.

Wu Qiubei, deputy to the National People’s Congress and President of the Hong Kong Federation of trade unions, recently uploaded a comparative picture on social media. The picture shows that the materials claimed by Hong Kong and Taiwan reporters are quite different from those distributed to local residents. Most of the materials used by Hong Kong and Taiwan reporters are instant noodles in bags, while the types and quantities of materials distributed to local residents are more diversified and balanced. In this regard, Wu Qiubei questioned that the Hong Kong and Taiwan journalists groundlessly blamed the government for their mistakes and denounced that they abused their power to mislead. In his opinion, freedom of the press is not about polarization and can not disturb the society. However, Hong Kong and Taiwan reporters set their positions and lose their professional skills, but they “give government food” and “tear down Hong Kong and Taiwan”;.

Reporters from Hong Kong and Taiwan also claimed that there was no canning knife provided by the hotel after the canning was distributed, but netizens pointed out that the government distributed cans. Coincidentally, in an interview note with a picture, the reporter claimed that because there were no cooking tools in the room, they could only use the cooking pot sent by colleagues outside the epidemic area to cook the ingredients in one pot;. There are comments on the Internet, which ridicule that “colleagues can’t give them a takeout to give people food”, and query that “independent media” obviously wants “Chok to show you such a picture”;. Gong Xueming, Ta Kung Pao reporter


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