When Tianji 1000 + meets 120Hz super sensitive screen! High frame rate games are so easy

Since its birth last year, MediaTek Tianji 1000 + processor has quickly gained a firm foothold in the high-end SOC market of mobile phones with its high cost performance.

But as the flagship SOC, the early game performance of Tianji 1000 + is not so satisfactory. Although the game under 60 frames can easily run full, but in the environment of high frame game gradually becoming the trend, once facing the upper limit of 90fps, Tianji 1000 + will always have all kinds of acclimatization. Either the high frame rate mode can’t be turned on, or the frame rate jumps repeatedly between 90 and 60 after being turned on. It’s a pity for this highly cost-effective Shenu.

The performance of mobile SOC often depends on software optimization and its own hardware quality. And for Tianji 1000 +, I have full expectations that its performance is more than that. With the passage of time, after the mobile phone manufacturers have a deeper understanding of Tianji 1000 +, I believe Fage can also usher in the day of turning over in the high brush game.

#Glory Tianji 1000 + glory V40

Editor in charge: aoteng


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