On January 25, it was reported that the excellent performance of Tianji series 5g chips made MediaTek surpass Qualcomm in market share in 2020 and become the largest smartphone supplier in China market for the first time.

According to the statistics of cinno research, a third-party Market Research Organization, the shipment of smartphone processors in China’s market in 2020 will be 307 million, down 20.8% compared with that in 2019.

Among them, the shipment volume of Qualcomm in China’s smartphone market shrank by as much as 48.1% year-on-year, and Hisilicon shrank by 17.5% year-on-year due to policy reasons, resulting in the strong rise of MediaTek.

According to the data, with a 31.7% market share, MediaTek has become the largest smartphone supplier in China’s market for the first time.

Last year, MediaTek released three series of 5g mobile chips of Tianji 1000, 800 and 700. The annual shipment of 5g chips of Tianji series exceeded 45 million sets.

The popularity of 5g market makes the demand of 5g chip products grow rapidly. Lianfa Tianji series products cover the middle and high-end, with the help of 5g mobile phone & quot; mobile phone replacement trend & quot;, quickly seize the market and increase the share; at the same time, Tianji series products have excellent technical strength, no matter in terms of running points or self configuration, they are equal to the same level products in the industry, and the excellent product cost performance has been recognized by many mobile phone manufacturers.

On January 20, Tianji 1200, the main new product of Lianfa science and Technology Co., Ltd., came out in 2021, continuing to impact the high-end market of the industry.

Li Yanji, deputy general manager of the wireless communication division of MediaTek, said during the media interview of MediaTek Tianji 1200 that from last year’s release of Tianji 1000 + to this year’s release of Tianji 1200, MediaTek is on the high-end road, and continues to make our best products and technologies available to our customers and users.

Let’s review the basic parameters of Tianji 1200.

Tianji 1200 is manufactured based on TSMC’s 6nm advanced technology. The CPU is designed with a 1 + 3 + 4 flagship triple plex architecture, including an arm cortex with a dominant frequency up to 3.0GHz, as well as dual card 5g standby and dual card vonr voice service under 5g SA / NSA dual-mode network. At the same time, Li junnan, director of sub technology planning, who also supports global 5g operators, said that we will not lag behind in the pursuit of advanced technology. As for the new product adopting 6nm technology, he responded: “in the planning of Tianji 1200, we think that TSMC’s advanced 6nm will have a more stable and good performance. Combined with the latest ARM CPU architecture optimization, we can see that the best balance between performance and energy efficiency can be achieved, and we believe that it can bring the best experience or excellent experience to consumers and users. ”

&”Our 5nm chip and planning are in progress,” Li said.

It is reported that redmi will launch Tianji 1200 chip. In addition, oppo, vivo and realme also attended the launch of Tianji 1200, and may launch related products carrying Tianji 1200 chip later.

Li Yanji also said that the main domestic customers will basically use Tianji 1200, and several terminals will be released in the first half of the year.

In 2021, the competition in the chip field will be more intense. MediaTek has successively deployed low, medium and high-end products. It is believed that in 2021, MediaTek will show stronger technical strength and continue to lead the domestic market.

MediaTek becomes the largest mobile phone SOC supplier in China: 5nm chip is under planning


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