Today, it is rumored that Huawei is going to divest its entire terminal business. Huawei will follow the glorious path and develop independently. After selling its terminal business, Huawei will return to the development mode dominated by government and enterprise, and no longer have the terminal business directly facing consumers;.

Previously, in a workplace social platform, netizens with authentication information for Huawei terminal employees disclosed that Huawei terminal business will be sold to Xiaomi.

(but the expression on the back of this sentence seems to be teasing everyone.)

It is said that Huawei will sell mate / P series high-end mobile phone business! The official response is hard to dispel doubts

It is said that Huawei will sell mate / P series high-end mobile phone business! The official response is hard to dispel doubts

In addition, there is another new version of the rumor. According to people familiar with the matter, Huawei is currently negotiating with a consortium led by enterprises supported by the Shanghai government on the sale of high-end smartphone P-Series and mate series. The negotiations have lasted for several months and are triggered by insufficient chip supply.

Judging from the current situation, although the Biden administration has come to power, there is still no sign of relaxing the US ban on Huawei, which also makes Huawei’s current terminal business only rely on the inventory of chips to maintain operation.

However, this is not a long-term solution after all.

Although previous information shows that Huawei is preparing to fight a protracted war, and has reserved Kirin 9000 series chips for subsequent P-Series and mate series high-end models, the inventory of Kirin 9000 series chips is only about 8 million, and it has consumed a lot after mate 40 series is launched.

Without the supply of chips, Huawei’s high-end models can only survive to a minimum even if they can continue to iterate.

From the perspective of how to maximize the value of terminal business, it may be an optional option for Huawei to package and sell it.

However, if these assets are sold in packages, the potential purchasers will definitely not be able to continue to use Huawei’s brand. If the potential purchasers themselves are not high-end mobile phone brand manufacturers, and do not have the blessing of Huawei’s brand, relying on the R & D and operation teams of P series and mate series alone, it will be difficult to maintain the position of P series and Mate Series in the high-end smartphone market in the future A bit.

Therefore, this rumor does not seem reliable. When

However, it is easier to sell the sub brand Nova series. However, for potential traders, their interest may be much lower than Huawei’s high-end P series and mate series.

Huawei also refuted the rumors on the Internet today, saying that it has no plan to sell its mobile phone business at all. Huawei will continue to build a world leading high-end smartphone brand and strive to provide consumers with excellent product experience and services. ”

According to Huawei’s response, Huawei will not sell its mobile phone business and will continue to build its own high-end smartphone brand.

However, Huawei’s Refutation of rumors does not seem to stop the fermentation of rumors. After all, Huawei’s current situation determines that the development of its smartphone business will be extremely difficult in the future.

In addition, before the official sale of glory, Huawei also refuted the rumor of “selling glory”.

It is said that Huawei will sell mate / P series high-end mobile phone business! The official response is hard to dispel doubts


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