Android and IOS monopolize the mobile phone system

Now when you buy a mobile phone, there are almost no other systems to choose from, either Android or IOS. Microsoft’s Windows Phone (hereinafter referred to as WP) system once occupied 1% of the share, which is known as the third largest mobile phone OS.

However, the WP mobile phone has gone up in smoke, and Microsoft’s WP system has no news. Although the government has been updating various mobile applications, there may be no products in the mobile OS.

WP is gone, but now many netizens begin to miss Nuoji lumia and WP mobile phones. Some netizens on V2EX bought the renovated lumia 1020 mobile phone, and they are very fond of its handle, size and operation fluency. Unfortunately, the system still stays on WP 8.1, and there are many problems. They can’t log in to Microsoft account or download app.

But Microsoft’s performance in recent years does seem to be unintentionally involved. The long rumored dual screen surface mobile phones are in labor.

Do you think Microsoft will go back to the OS market and revive the WP system?

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Editor in charge: Xian Rui

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