Last Friday, glory brand brought you the first flagship mobile phone since independence & mdash; & mdash; glory V40.

The machine launched two storage versions of 8 + 128 / 256gb, with prices of 3599 yuan and 3999 yuan respectively. In the first sale on the day of release, it sold out on all major platforms in only 3 minutes and 46 seconds, and many users failed to buy the new machine at the first time.

According to the official flagship store of glory Jingdong, glory V40 will welcome the second round of sales at 10:08 tomorrow.

Glory V40 first 3 minutes sold out! Tomorrow's second round: from $3599
glory V40 goes on sale again tomorrow

Glory V40, as the first flagship after the rebirth of glory brand, also adopts revolutionary design in design. Its back creatively adopts 1:3:9:27 geometric space order reconstruction. In addition to the aesthetic arrangement, it also achieves the seamless splicing of Ag frosted and high gloss glass. The fuselage provides three color matching options: magic night black, titanium air silver and rose gold.

In terms of screen, glory V40 is also equipped with a 1 billion color retina super sensitive screen with the highest specification in glory history. It adopts a 6.72 inch curved surface OLED scheme with a resolution of 2676×1236. In the upper left corner of the hole is a 16 megapixel AI self timer lens and color temperature sensor, supporting 120Hz high brush, automatic color management, DC dimming and other technologies.

Glory V40 first 3 minutes sold out! Tomorrow's second round: from $3599
glory V40 is equipped with 1 billion color retina super sensitive screen

In terms of configuration, the processor is Tianji 1000 +, the camera combination is 50 megapixel ryyb + 8 megapixel ultra wide angle + 2 megapixel macro + laser focusing sensor, the fuselage has built-in 4000mAh, and supports 65W wired and 55W wireless fast charging.

In addition, the glory V40 also integrates z-axis + X-axis bilinear motor, full band large amplitude stereo dual speakers. The system also adapts the hardware in all aspects, including GPU turbo x super game performance guarantee, game assistant, 4D shock and other functions, and greatly optimizes the usability, fluency, privacy and other aspects.

Glory V40 first 3 minutes sold out! Tomorrow's second round: from $3599
glory supply chain has resumed V40 with sufficient stock

Zhao Ming, CEO of glory, previously disclosed in an interview that it has been nearly two months since glory’s mobile phone became independent. At present, all the company’s supply chain manufacturers have restored their cooperative relations, including all the famous chip and technology giants such as Qualcomm, MgO, MediaTek, Samsung, Microsoft and Intel. ” 

For glory, there is no big restriction and restriction on the supply, which belongs to the state of all-out development of business. I believe that the later stock of glory V40 will no longer be a problem.

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