How to treat hypoglycemia in the morning

How to treat morning hypoglycemia

May consider with some is advantageous to the recuperation to improve the above symptom the medicine recuperates, has the above symptom, may use the small Bupleurum Chongji to take orally, has the above situation, with has the wind cold to catch a cold cold to sleep late to cause the vomiting also to have some relations.

How is common hypoglycemia treated

The clinical manifestations are complex and can be divided into two types.

(1) The exciting symptoms of sympathetic chromaffin system: hunger, fatigue, weakness, tachycardia, sweating, tension and anxiety. In addition, pale face, elevated blood pressure, nausea and vomiting can be seen.

(2) Central nervous system symptoms: when the cerebral cortex is damaged, the main manifestations are inattention, slow reaction, gradual loss of orientation and recognition, headache and dizziness, tiredness and forgetfulness, blurred vision, accompanied by hallucinations, restlessness, hyperalgesia, infantile movements, muscle tremor, spasm and brain extension. When the patient is in a coma state, hypothermia, disappearance of various reflexes and pupillary constriction Small, breathing decreased, blood pressure decreased, muscle tone decreased.

preventive measure

Hypoglycemia is caused by many reasons, such as excessive dosage of hypoglycemic agents or unreasonable dosage of insulin. The liver and kidney function of the elderly is often impaired. Antidiabetic drugs excreted through the kidney, such as Jiangtangling, youjiangtang, damekang, etc., are easy to accumulate in the body, and the common treatment dose often leads to excessive hypoglycemic reaction. If the amount of activity is too large, or engaged in sports activities at the peak of drug efficacy after medication, or did not eat in time after medication (especially insulin injection), or did not eat staple food, or took urea or salicylate when using sulfonylurea hypoglycemic drugs, which enhanced the effect of hypoglycemic drugs, hypoglycemia may occur. If we can pay attention to overcome the above situation, we can generally avoid hypoglycemia. The treatment of mild hypoglycemia is relatively simple. Taking sugar water or sugar containing fruit juice or drink immediately can quickly eliminate symptoms. The key is to adjust measures to local conditions and supplement sugar containing diet conveniently and quickly. Diabetic patients go out with a few pieces of sugar, only when there are symptoms of hypoglycemia containing, is also a desirable first aid measures. Severe hypoglycemia patients must go to the hospital for treatment.


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