What reason is right knee ache, how to treat scapulohumeral periarthritis best

What is the cause of right knee pain?

1. Osteoarthritis is more common in middle-aged and elderly female patients, characterized by swelling and pain of knee joint, friction sound when moving joint, and varus deformity of knee in severe cases. 2. Traumatic synovitis, due to traumatic synovium injury, produces a large amount of fluid, increases the pressure in the joint, affects the normal activities, and leads to knee pain. 3. Meniscus injury, meniscus injury can make the movement limited, joint swelling, pain. 4. Ligament injury, because of the poor stability of the knee joint, due to external force can cause medial or lateral ligament injury, performance for knee swelling, tenderness, limited activity and other symptoms.

How to treat scapulohumeral periarthritis best

The first method: lifting weight and rotating therapy. Make a sandbag and lift it in your hand. The weight of sandbag gradually increases from light to heavy, from 1kg to 10kg. If you feel that you can bear it, you can make it heavier, gradually increase it, bend your upper body forward naturally, and let your shoulders droop naturally. You can hold the sandbag and rotate it downward in circles. First turn it clockwise, and then turn it anticlockwise. This is called heavy lifting traction. It plays the role of pulling your shoulders. Do it three or four times a day, and do it more than ten or twenty times at a time. But it should be noted that the weight should not be too heavy, so as not to cause shoulder muscle spasm, and should not cause obvious pain, otherwise it may lead to trauma.

The second method: the wall painting circle therapy. The patient faces the wall, stretches his arm, and symbolically draws a circle on the wall. Often repeat this action, the recovery of scapulohumeral periarthritis will be of great help.

The third method: hand climbing therapy. Touch the wall in front with the hand of the affected side, from low to high, use the index finger and middle finger alternately and slowly climb up, climb to the height that you can tolerate. If you do this training several times a day, you will make progress every day, climb higher and higher, and it will also be of great help to the recovery of scapulohumeral periarthritis.

The fourth method: pull towel therapy. Take a long towel, two hands each pull a head, respectively on the back, one hand in the top, one hand in the bottom, with the bath like to pull it, at the beginning may be subject to some restrictions, it doesn’t matter, slowly, the action can be from small to large, adhere to do a few times a day, the condition of periarthritis of the shoulder will gradually improve. Although this is a very simple way, it is better than any other way.

The fifth method: upper limbs around the neck. Whether it’s prevention or treatment, when you’re sitting, put your arms back and forth, or back and forth, respectively, to do the action of wrapping your neck.


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