How does high prolactin pituitary tumor do hypoglycemia how to treat and recuperate

How to deal with hyperprolactin pituitary tumor

High prolactin caused by pituitary tumor may be prolactin pituitary tumor. At this time, patients need to take some drugs for treatment, such as bromocriptine, which can reduce prolactin. If the patient’s condition is serious, they need to actively carry out surgical treatment, which will also have a good therapeutic effect. Patients also need to pay attention to rest at ordinary times to avoid overwork Degree.

Pituitary adenoma is a special disease, which mostly occurs in young adults, and is more common in men, but there will also be a part of female patients with this disease, pituitary adenoma has different types, will bring all aspects of influence to patients, the symptoms are more, then, pituitary adenoma caused by high prolactin how to do.

1. The prolactin elevation caused by pituitary tumor is generally caused by several reasons, including: hypothalamic disorders, nerve stimulation, primary hypothyroidism, drug factors, etc. patients can choose the corresponding treatment according to their own situation. Generally, if the condition is not serious, they can take drugs for a long time, which is more common Drugs are: bromocriptine, to control prolactin and the patient’s condition will have a good effect, the patient’s specific dosage must be strictly in accordance with the doctor’s advice, can’t privately stop dressing change, etc., the patient’s treatment needs to adhere to, can’t give up halfway, otherwise the effect of treatment will not be very good, patients usually also need to maintain a normal heart, keep a happy mood to treat the patient’s condition It will also have a good effect.

2, patients usually need to pay attention to review their condition, if there is a more serious situation, they should actively carry out minimally invasive surgery or craniotomy and gamma knife treatment, patients with different conditions need to use some different treatment methods, so patients must choose the treatment scheme suitable for their condition according to their condition Treatment and control, so as to get better treatment effect, avoid delay treatment is very important, this disease want to control and cure is relatively easy, as long as grasp the best opportunity of treatment.


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