How does hypoglycemia continue hypoglycemia treat old age hypoglycemia how to treat

How to treat continuous hypoglycemia

1. First of all, the complications of diabetes are generally people in their forties. The diet of this kind of people is generally not frugal. People who like sweet food should pay attention to it. Don’t eat more sweet food to check blood lipids and blood glucose regularly. Blood pressure should wait until they can do more exercise and reasonable food to change their bad diet.

2. First of all, with the rapid development of economy and the continuous improvement of living standards, the right face of patients with diabetes is swollen. Due to the need to control the disease, the demand for blood glucose meter caused by frequent detection of blood glucose will continue to increase. Now we should, we should pay attention to some completion, one test, the current mainstream blood glucose meter to take these things.

3. To eat less and more meals is to eat at least three meals a day, and you can’t eat more than one meal. Don’t think that foods without sugar can be eaten at will. This is wrong. For example, melon seeds and peanuts do not contain sugar can not eat more, and such as sugar free cakes can not eat more. Eat more coarse grains, such as beans, corn and other grains

How does old age hypoglycemia treat

Many elderly people will also suffer from hypoglycemia in life. When hypoglycemia attacks, there will be hunger, palpitations, dizziness, cold sweat, irritability, fatigue, and syncope in severe cases. Most of these are caused by severe liver dysfunction or hypofunction of renal cortex. We should understand the treatment of hypoglycemia in the elderly as soon as possible, then What should the elderly do with hypoglycemia?

First, if the symptoms of hypoglycemia in patients with mild, can give patients to drink brown sugar water or eat candy can alleviate the symptoms, if the symptoms are serious, should be timely intravenous injection of glucose, if it is due to liver dysfunction or insulinoma caused by hypoglycemia symptoms, should be promptly sent to the hospital for surgical treatment, to avoid hypoglycemia again.

Second, develop good daily eating habits, eat more high protein, high fiber food, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and other foods with high vitamin content, actively supplement protein and other nutrients, eat more soybean products, milk and other foods with high dietary fiber content, and pay attention to a balanced diet, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of hypoglycemia.

Third, hypoglycemia in the elderly may also be caused by neurological disorders. You can take oryzanol tablets or Liuwei Dihuang pills and other drugs recommended by the doctor. At ordinary times, you should pay more attention to rest and keep a happy mood. At the same time, you should strengthen physical exercise, strengthen physique, improve body resistance and immunity, and pay attention to maintaining the balance of blood sugar to prevent hypoglycemia again.

Fourth, we should often do blood sugar, regular physical examination, ECG, brain CT and other examinations to exclude cardiovascular disease, at the same time, we should pay attention to maintaining blood sugar in a balanced state, prohibit smoking and drinking, try to avoid eating some processed food, such as flour, edible salt, etc., at the same time, we should ensure enough sleep, avoid mental stress, and keep optimistic mood.

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