Will gonorrhea recur after cure? Can gonorrhea urine check find out

Can gonorrhea recur after treatment?

1. Male friends suffer from gonorrhea in life, after treatment of this disease, in fact, there is a certain possibility of recurrence, gonococcus in life is more tenacious, it is easy to be infected, patients in life must pay attention to keep their own clean self love.

2. In daily life, after self-healing of male gonorrhea, we should pay attention to disinfect our daily necessities. In daily life, patients must pay attention to maintaining a stable state of mind. During this period, we must not be too nervous and give ourselves too much emotional pressure.

3. Patients with gonorrhea friends in life, or to pay attention to some of their personal hygiene, in life must not have unsafe sex, life patients must pay attention to, before making love should wear condoms. You prevent the patient from masturbating regularly.

Can gonorrhea urine check out

1. Urine test can find out gonorrhea, because gonorrhea is a purulent infectious disease caused by Neisseria gonorrhoeae. If the presence of Neisseria gonorrhoeae is detected in urine test, gonorrhea can be diagnosed. Gonorrhea generally has a three-day incubation period, after which symptoms will appear.

2. After the onset of the disease, patients will appear in the lower body is not suitable for swelling. For women, there will be irregular menstruation, increased leucorrhea and odor, dysmenorrhea, low sexual desire and other symptoms, for men, there will be scrotal pain, glans swelling, ejaculation weakness. Even the consequences of infertility.

3. Therefore, if gonorrhea is found, it is necessary to take early treatment, and not because of shyness or fear and delay the treatment. Now the general way to take systemic therapy is to use external ointment for inhibition, and then take the relevant Chinese medicine to regulate the internal deficiency, and make some drops.


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