What is infantile enuresis infantile diarrhea is how to return a responsibility

What is infantile enuresis

Enuresis in children refers to the involuntary urination of children in sleep, which is considered as enuresis after 5 years old. Urination at night caused by stimulation of urethral orifice, epilepsy at night, spinal cord disease, diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus is not nocturnal enuresis.

Some children have no conscious habit of urinating after waking up at night; some have been able to control nocturia, but they have enuresis due to mental stress, change of environment or weakness of the whole body. Enuresis occurred mostly in the first half of the night, serious enuresis 3-5 times a night. Some parents ask their children to urinate every night, but it is not easy to wake up. Even if they wake up, their children can urinate everywhere (in bed). For this reason, they are often beaten by their parents, which affects their physical and mental health.

How is infantile diarrhoea to return a responsibility

When infant diarrhea is not good, it should be considered that the child is lactose intolerance. At this time, we should collect children’s urine samples. Go to the hospital for lactose tolerance test. If the child has a problem of intolerance, it should be adjusted in the diet, which can solve the problem of diarrhea in children.

Children’s lactose intolerance is the lack of lactase in the body, which will make lactose unable to be fully digested and absorbed by the human body, which will leave lactose in the body, leading to diarrhea in children. If lactose intolerance, in eating foods containing lactose, such as milk powder containing lactose formula, there will be diarrhea.

Lactose intolerant children may also have diarrhea when breastfeeding. For this kind of situation, it is necessary to timely supplement lactase for the baby after eating the breast milk, which can promote the digestion and absorption of lactose, so as to avoid the occurrence of diarrhea. Children who eat formula should switch to lactose free milk powder or add milk powder partners.


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