How much money should treat gonorrhea probably? Can gonorrhea infect?

How much does it cost to treat gonorrhea

1. First of all, the cost of treatment of gonorrhea is related to the patient’s condition, that is, the cost of early treatment is not very expensive, but we must choose regular hospital treatment, do not go to some irregular hospital treatment, so as not to be cheated, spend more money without treatment.

2. Secondly, the price of gonorrhea treatment is not specific, because the place is different, the hospital is different, and the doctor and equipment of the hospital are also different, so the cost will be different. However, it is suggested that the patients should choose the national standard treatment process, and the cost is standard.

3. In addition, gonorrhea patients do not blindly random treatment, to scientific treatment, usually should pay attention to do not have dirty sex life, and found that gonorrhea need timely treatment, so as not to infect others, pay attention to wear clothes best is hot water disinfection, in the sun exposure.

Can gonorrhea infect?

Gonorrhea is their own genital parts by a variety of gonococcus infection, but will lead to genital parts obvious tingling, purulent and even ulcerative lesions, so after getting gonorrhea, each patient by the degree of damage is different, plus gonorrhea can be transmitted through sexual life, so after getting gonorrhea, they will be cured Need timely treatment, can prevent the impact on others, but also to prevent further aggravation of the disease.

Although the symptomatic gonorrhea will cause serious damage to the genital parts, the different degree of each gonorrhea patient will directly lead to the difference in the probability of cure of each person. Anyway, after the formation of gonorrhea, as long as the patients are treated effectively, they will not be infected again.

Although gonorrhea after the formation of great damage, but as long as patients can through their own serious care and timely treatment, gonorrhea can be completely cured, and after gonorrhea treatment and recovery effect, patients can have sex, and do not have to worry about causing infection to others.

Therefore, the infectivity of each gonorrhea patient is directly related to the existence of gonorrhea. After all, after the formation of gonorrhea, as long as it can be treated seriously, gonococcus can be effectively removed step by step, and after the later period of recuperation, the patient’s own constitution will definitely not have any infectivity after all-round recovery.


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