Can endocrine maladjustment do colour exceed to be able to check out? Is seat sore because endocrine maladjustment

Can endocrine disorders be detected by color Doppler ultrasound

Irregular menstruation in patients with color Doppler ultrasound is a necessary examination, to do this examination is to understand the uterus, pelvic and ovarian parts, to see if these parts have deformities, inflammation or tumor. Of course, patients with irregular menstruation not only need to do this examination, but also need to do other examinations. Combined with the final examination results, we can make a clear judgment of what causes irregular menstruation.

There are many reasons for irregular menstruation. Color Doppler ultrasound can detect part of the reasons, but not all of them. Delayed menstruation due to intrauterine adhesions or thin endometrium, prolonged menstrual cycle due to endometrial polyps or fibroids, excessive menstrual blood volume and abnormal menstrual bleeding can be detected by color Doppler ultrasound. But if ovarian endocrine disorders caused by menstrual disorders, color Doppler ultrasound is not detected.

Patients with irregular menstruation also need to check the endocrine system, mainly to understand the ovarian function, including the determination of pituitary gonadotropin, thyroid, prolactin and ovary, as well as hysteroscopy, in order to have a direct understanding of the uterus and pelvic organs. We also need to have a biopsy, mainly to diagnose whether the disease has pathological changes. Irregular menstruation patients also need to do hysterosalpingography, this examination is to understand the situation of the fallopian tube and uterine cavity.

Is seat sore because of endocrine disorder

The causes of acne mainly include the following aspects

1. Biological factors: Propionibacterium acnes in hair follicles is a kind of anaerobic bacteria. When the hair follicles are blocked, the local environment is relatively lack of oxygen, which makes the bacteria grow and produce lysozyme, proteolytic enzyme and hyaluronidase. They will decompose the effective components of the skin, destroy the hair follicle wall, cause the contents of the hair follicles to enter the dermis, and also cause hair around the sebaceous glands of the hair follicles Inflammation.

2. Endocrine factors: it is closely related to the increase of androgen, especially the high biological activity of testosterone. During puberty, due to gonadal development, androgen secretion increases, resulting in increased sebaceous gland activity, stimulating excessive sebaceous gland secretion. At the same time, the keratinization of hair follicle mouth and sebaceous duct epithelial cells causes obstruction, which will cause sebaceous deposition and form “acne”.

3. Other related factors: disorder of gastrointestinal function, high fat, menstrual disorder, high carbohydrate and stimulating diet, decrease of blood vitamin A and zinc level, and mental tension will cause or aggravate symptoms.


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