The symptom of infantile diarrhoea dehydration what does infantile diarrhoea eat

Symptoms of infantile diarrhea and dehydration

There are many reasons for baby diarrhea, the most common reason is virus infection. In fact, most children with mild diarrhea can continue to eat normally, and breastfeeding can usually continue. If the baby has abdominal distension or excessive gas production in the intestines after feeding, do not stop breastfeeding at will. Consult your pediatrician to discuss whether you need to change your eating habits temporarily. When the symptoms are mild, it is usually not necessary to give intravenous drip.

But over time or too many times of diarrhea, it is easy to cause the body “dehydration”. If it can not be supplemented in time, it will lead to electrolyte disorder. The child may feel dizzy and weak, or collapse, or even shock, coma, and life-threatening. Experts said that if the child vomiting diarrhea, do not be careless, it is best to take the child to the hospital in time to control symptoms, so as not to “dehydration” lead to serious consequences.

Therefore, when infantile diarrhea occurs, parents should not worry, first observe whether the child is dehydrated, but also learn to estimate the degree of dehydration

What does infantile diarrhoea eat

Baby is still small, the choice of diet should pay attention to easy digestion, and not only raw and cold food, through the following food to conditioning.

1. Carrot soup. Carrot for alkaline food, contains pectin, can promote the formation of stool. These pectins can absorb bacteria and toxins on baby’s intestinal mucosa, which can better relieve diarrhea.

2. Cook apples. Generally speaking, cooked Apple will have the effect of convergence, you can give your baby to eat a boiled apple every day. Boiled apple can better help relieve baby diarrhea. When cooking apples, you can add more rock sugar appropriately, so that the baby can be more willing to eat.

3. Jiaomi soup. If the baby has diarrhea, you can first stir fry the rice flour until the color turns yellow, then add an appropriate amount of water and rock sugar, and cook it into a paste. This kind of Jiaomi decoction is also very good for antidiarrhea.

4. Congee. When the baby diarrhea, to give the baby drink more porridge, this is not only easy to digest, but also more nutritious. It can make some vegetable porridge. After the baby eats, the intestines and stomach will be more comfortable.

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