Xi Jinping: the social system of every country has no advantages and disadvantages. The key is whether we can win the support and support of the people.

Beijing, January (25) President Xi Jinping attended the “Davos agenda” dialogue session at the world economic forum in Beijing on the evening of 25, and delivered a special speech.

Xi Jinping emphasized that there are no two identical leaves in the world, nor do they have the same historical, cultural and social systems. Each country’s history, culture and social system has its own merits, and there is no distinction between high and low. The key lies in whether it conforms to its national conditions, whether it can win the support and support of the people, whether it can bring about political stability, social progress and improvement of people’s livelihood, and whether it can contribute to the cause of human progress. (end)

Editor: Bai Jiayi

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