Xi Jinping spoke to International Olympic Committee chairman Bach.

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, January, 25, President Xi Jinping spoke with International Olympic Committee President Bach on January 25th.

Xi Jinping pointed out that novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak has been active since the outbreak of the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia. The International Olympic Committee has made every effort to maintain unity and stability in the Olympic movement and has made positive contributions to the global fight against the disease and to promote the sustained and healthy development of the Olympic movement. China appreciates the IOC’s active support for China’s sports cause and will support the work of the IOC as always. China is willing to work with the International Olympic Committee and other countries to make efforts for the safe and smooth hosting of the Tokyo Olympic Games and the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, and to contribute to the international community’s early victory over the epidemic, the realization of world economic recovery, and the maintenance of people’s lives and health.

Xi Jinping stressed that China’s lead in controlling domestic epidemic and achieving economic recovery has created favorable conditions for the successful hosting of the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing. We strictly implemented the prevention and control measures, overcame the impact of the epidemic, and actively promoted the steady progress of various preparations. At present, the construction of venues and infrastructure of Beijing Winter Olympic Games has achieved phased results, the organization of the Games has been carried out in an orderly manner, the service guarantee of the Games has been promoted in an all-round way, the publicity and promotion has continued to heat up, international exchanges and cooperation have been carried out in depth, and the work of sustainable development and heritage has achieved remarkable results. We take the opportunity of preparing for the Beijing Winter Olympics to promote the popularization and development of ice and snow sports. I believe that with the strong support of all parties concerned, China will be able to complete all preparatory tasks on schedule and make comprehensive preparations to ensure the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics. As the only “double Olympic city” in the world that has hosted the summer and Winter Olympic Games, Beijing will make a unique contribution to the International Olympic movement.

Bach said that China’s novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has achieved remarkable results under the strong leadership of President Xi Jinping, and the economy has been the first to achieve recovery, and it has become an important engine to promote the recovery of world economy. With the great attention of the Chinese government and the strong support of the Chinese people, the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games have overcome the impact of the epidemic and are progressing very smoothly. The International Olympic Committee supports China’s idea of holding a green, shared, open and clean Winter Olympic Games and is willing to work with China to ensure the success and safety of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. This will not only make the vision of promoting ice and snow sports among 300 million Chinese people a reality, but also effectively promote the development of the International Olympic movement. The IOC is committed to upholding the Olympic spirit, opposing the politicization of sports, and is willing to continue to strengthen long-term strategic cooperation with China. I sincerely wish the Chinese people a happy New Year! I wish the Chinese people new success in the New Year! [editor: Zhang Aolin]


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