Britain became the first novel coronavirus pneumonia in Europe to exceed 100 thousand cases.

26, the latest novel coronavirus pneumonia deaths were reported in the past 24 hours in Britain, and 100162 deaths were reported in the latest 24 hours. This means that the UK has become the first European country with more than 100000 new crown deaths, and the fifth country in the world after the United States, Brazil, India and Mexico.

Britain became the first novel coronavirus pneumonia in Europe to exceed 100 thousand cases.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in the afternoon when he presided over the government’s epidemic conference that “it is very difficult to calculate the sadness contained in this grim statistical data”.

Johnson said he was deeply sorry for every life he lost. As prime minister, he was fully responsible for what the government had done.

Johnson pointed out that the government has indeed made every effort and will continue to do its best to minimize the loss and suffering of life. “This is a very, very difficult stage and a very, very difficult crisis,” he stressed

Matthew Hancock, the health secretary, said the figures were “heartbreaking”. Kiel stammer, leader of the British opposition Labor Party, called it a “national tragedy”.

Earlier in the day novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in Britain was close to 104000 due to the outbreak of the virus, according to the National Bureau of statistics. It is understood that the relevant data are based on death certificate statistics as of January 15. The daily data of the government health department is based on the number of deaths within 28 days after the test results are positive, which is slightly lower than that of the National Bureau of statistics.

On November 11 last year, the number of new deaths in Britain reached 50000, while it took only 76 days to break through 100000. Following the discovery of the new coronavirus mutation in the UK in December last year, there has been a surge in infections and deaths. The UK is now one of the countries with the highest mortality in the world. (head office reporter Liang Zhen)


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