If a woman does not want to grow too fast after the age of 40, eat more alkaline foods to maintain her youthful skin

If a person has a healthy body, mentality and culture, it is something to be very proud of. The health of my body, mind and culture has paved a sunny road for my growth and laid a good foundation for my happy life in the future. If you want to have a healthy body, you should start little by little. Gynecologist Su will accompany you!

For female friends, aging may come earlier than males. With age, especially after women reach the age of 40, if you don’t pay attention to maintaining wrinkles, they are likely to creep up on your face, and it is easy to People grow up with sagging skin and other phenomena, which will also affect the beauty of women. In fact, you might as well make some adjustments to your diet at this time. Let’s take a look together below. Women over 40 years old don’t want to grow too fast, eat more alkaline foods to maintain their youthful skin

Snow swallow

Snow swallow is a kind of natural resin. After soaking, the shape is similar to bird’s nest, so it is called “snow swallow”. For female friends, after the age of 40, if you can regularly eat some blood pressure, it will help promote skin respiration and metabolism, make the skin full of collagen, and make the skin look more moisturized and shiny. Body moisturizing and moisturizing have very good effects, women try to make your skin soft and smooth.

Black garlic

Many female friends don’t like garlic because it has a strong taste and is likely to irritate people’s intestines and stomach. Black garlic is fermented from garlic, its self-property is greatly reduced and its nutritional value is also high. Black garlic is rich in water-soluble antioxidants. These substances can help expel toxins and trash from the body. This is good food. If female friends often eat black garlic, it will help replenish qi and blood, and make the skin tender. Huang Lianpo will also pass by you.


Tremella has extremely high nutritional value and is known as the common people’s bird’s nest. Tremella is rich in natural plant gums, which can help replenish collagen in women’s bodies, absorb toxins and garbage in the body, and excrete them in time. It has a good effect of nourishing the skin, replenishing qi and blood. If a woman can get rid of it after the age of 40, if you insist on eating white fungus, you will look younger and more energetic, even younger than your peers.


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