Review: over 25 million new crown cases diagnosed in the United States

Xinhua news agency, Washington, January 24: over 25 million new crown cases in the United States are diagnosed, and the new government is facing severe challenges

Xinhua News Agency reporter Tan Jingjing and Yang Shilong

Johns Hopkins University statistics show that as of the 24th, the number of new crown confirmed cases in the United States has exceeded 25 million, with nearly 420000 deaths. According to the data of the Atlantic Monthly project, there are more than 110000 inpatients in the United States.

According to CNN, on January 21, 2020, the US Centers for Disease Control and prevention reported the first confirmed case in the United States. So far, the cumulative number of confirmed cases has increased to more than 25 million, which means that in the past year, the average number of new confirmed cases in the United States is about 68000 every day, with one new case every 1.2 seconds.

“Although the number of infections is surprisingly high, experts still believe that it seriously underestimates the real number of infections in the United States and the degree of failure in preventing and controlling the spread of the virus in the United States,” the New York Times reported.

According to the new model prediction released by the Institute of health statistics and evaluation at the University of Washington, by May 1 this year, even though the new crown vaccination may save more than 42000 American lives, the cumulative number of new crown deaths in the United States may exceed 569000. This means that between January 19 and May 1, about 168000 people will die in the United States.

In an interview with Xinhua news agency, the authoritative U.S. epidemiologist said that although the growth of epidemic indicators in the United States has slowed down recently, it is still at a high level. This is a “race” between the spread of the epidemic, the emergence of mutated virus and vaccination, and the new US government is facing severe challenges.

Eric Topol, a geneticist at the Scripps Institute in the United States, said on social media that the United States, the world’s richest country, is “one of the most blind countries to deal with the epidemic”, and many aspects are “writing a new chapter”. For example, at the beginning of the outbreak, virus detection was not carried out for as long as two months, the information of the public health department is inaccurate and inconsistent, and vaccination was not carried out Lack of digital tracking.

Biden, the new president of the United States, has made dealing with the epidemic one of his top priorities after taking office. After taking office in January 20th, Biden announced the national strategy to deal with COVID-19, and signed a number of administrative orders related to epidemic prevention, such as asking the American people to adhere to the “100 day mask order” wearing masks within 100 days from January 20th, increasing the output and supply of new crown vaccine, virus detection equipment, personal protective equipment, improving virus detection ability, and increasing the development of new crown therapy. To guide the school to resume safe operation. Before taking office, he also announced that he planned to achieve 100 million doses of new crown vaccine within 100 days of taking office.

“These new anti epidemic plans may help to control the current severe situation. Leaders can clearly understand the severity of the epidemic, which is the basis for effective response to the epidemic,” Stanley Perlman, Professor of Microbiology and immunology at Iowa University, told Xinhua.

But he also stressed that at present, the United States urgently needs to solve the problem of increasing the production of new crown vaccine, and more importantly, it needs to provide greater support for vaccine distribution by state and local governments.

Munseff slavey, former chief consultant of the US new crown vaccine and drug research program “cursive action”, previously said that it plans to complete 20 million people (40 million doses) vaccination by the end of December 2020. However, according to the CDC website, as of January 23 this year, there were about 21.848 million doses of vaccination in the United States, far behind expectations.

The New York Times quoted a model study from Columbia University as saying that even if the introduction of the new vaccine brings hope for the control of the epidemic in the United States, vaccines alone are not enough. COVID-19 has been out of control in the United States for too long time. Millions of people will be infected even if millions of people are vaccinated, unless the public can continue to strictly carry out masks, keep social distance and other measures until this summer or later.


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