On the first day of the “Davos agenda” dialogue, what views and voices are the highlights?

Beijing, January 26 (CCTV reporter Zhang Jinghao in Switzerland) the world economic forum is scheduled to hold an online dialogue on “Davos agenda” from January 25 to 29, Beijing time, according to the voice of China news of CCTV. The theme of the meeting is “grasp the key year and rebuild the trust of all parties”. More than 1500 business, political and social leaders from more than 70 countries will set an agenda for the crucial year 2021, discuss the global situation and how to expand their influence in the rapidly advancing fourth industrial revolution, and discuss the economic, environmental, social and technological challenges facing mankind under the current epidemic situation.

In his online welcome speech, Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the world economic forum, pointed out that 2021 is an important year connecting the past and the future, which is crucial for the future. “2021 will be the most critical year for rebuilding trust. Trust does not only come from dialogue or exchange of opinions, but also from sincere and sincere dialogue. For this reason, I am also glad to see that this meeting is not only related to our brains, but also to our psychology. ” Schwab said.

On the first day of the dialogue, what’s the progress of the meeting? What are the views and voices that have attracted the attention of the participants and the outside world?

The theme of this meeting is “grasp the key year and rebuild the trust of all parties”. Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic crisis, novel coronavirus pneumonia crisis, explore the most effective measures to prevent and control the epidemic and provide recommendations for enterprises and governments to strengthen cooperation in the whole region, enhance confidence in the new crown vaccine, further understand the global impact and future road of the new crown pneumonia through the meeting, restore economic growth, and explore how to restore the whole population. In addition, we should release social entrepreneurship to realize economic recovery, promote new social contract, target and path of economic transformation, and put gender equality at the core of recovery This is a seminar. Before the official opening of the “Davos agenda” dialogue in 2021, the world economic forum also held the 27th crystal awards. The award recognizes outstanding artists and cultural leaders in the field of artistic creation and social services.

Guterres pointed out in his speech that if there is one word that can represent today’s world, it is vulnerability. We see this in novel coronavirus pneumonia, which has killed more than 2 million people. We are in the worst economic crisis for nearly a century. We can see that the global climate and biodiversity are fragile. We also see the global geopolitical differences that may cause serious damage. We must do everything possible to avoid this kind of division. We need a global economy with universal respect for international law, a multipolar world with strong multilateral institutions. There is no consensus on how to make full use of the digital world that everyone is increasingly dependent on while avoiding risks. We are far from establishing a multi stakeholder mechanism in cyberspace to ensure the safety and fairness of stakeholders. At the same time, the vulnerability of the disarmament regime and the risk of nuclear chemical proliferation are increasing.

Guterres also pointed out that there are two urgent priorities: first, the need for an inclusive and equitable global recovery to achieve sustainable development goals. Second, a green recovery is needed to deal with climate change and biodiversity loss. More than ever, we need to change course, eliminate vulnerability, avoid climate disasters and build a fair and sustainable future that we want and need.

As for the ongoing “Davos agenda” dialogue, Ruan Zongze, executive vice president of the China Academy of international studies, pointed out that the “critical year” and “trust” meeting are the answers that the “Davos agenda” dialogue hopes to find.

“The novel coronavirus pneumonia is rampant around the world. The key reason for 2021 is whether the world can effectively contain the epidemic and bring about world economic recovery and development.” Ruan Zongze analyzed, “last year’s world economy was in a state of comprehensive recession. If the epidemic situation is not effectively controlled this year, the economic prospect is still very pessimistic. Therefore, it is very important for us to control the epidemic situation through unity and cooperation and balance the relationship between epidemic prevention and economic recovery. So why is it difficult to effectively control the epidemic, and even there are some noises and unilateralism in international relations? In fact, there is a lack of trust, effective cooperation and cooperation. Therefore, I think the agenda of Davos this year reflects that it is still a top priority for the world to control the epidemic in the future. If we want to really control the epidemic, this kind of trust between countries is a key. “

“Grasp the key year and rebuild the trust of all parties.”. China plays a very important role in coping with the epidemic and promoting economic recovery, and it also brings hope to the world. China is the only major economy in the world to achieve positive growth in 2020, injecting momentum into the world economic recovery. In the process of seeking cooperation to fight the epidemic and promote economic recovery, what kind of China’s good policies are all parties looking forward to?

“China has contributed to the world’s anti epidemic and economic recovery in two aspects. First of all, conceptually, China has been stressing that the international community should strengthen global solidarity and cooperation in the spirit of working together to build a community of human health. This concept guides the global response to the epidemic in the future. The reason why the epidemic prevention and control has suffered some setbacks now is that some countries go their own way, engage in unilateralism, and put their own interests above the international community. Therefore, we should deal with the epidemic in line with the idea of building a community of shared future for mankind advocated by China. I think this is China’s ideological contribution. ” Ruan Zongze further analyzed that “the second very important contribution is practical contribution. China has effectively balanced the relationship between epidemic prevention and control and economic recovery, and achieved success. China took the lead in controlling the epidemic, resuming work and production, and achieved positive economic growth. So what does the positive growth of China’s economy mean? The epidemic can be overcome and the economy can be restored. From this point of view, China has injected strong confidence into the world, so that the international community can see that as long as the methods are appropriate and the concept of common weal and woe is followed, the epidemic can be overcome and the economy can be restored. Such contributions have also been widely recognized by the international community. “

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