Estonian President kaliureid appoints new government members

On January 26, local time, Estonian state radio and television reported that Estonian President kaliureid appointed a new government member in the presidential palace on January 26. Kalas, 43, became the first Estonian female prime minister.

&On the evening of the 25th, the Estonian parliament voted to confirm Kaya Karas, chairman of the reform party, as the new prime minister and authorized him to form a cabinet. The Estonian parliament authorized Karas to form a cabinet on the same day with 70 votes in favor, 30 votes against and 1 abstention.

&On the 26th, President kaliureid said that the new government should be the government of all Estonians. She said to the incoming government, “this is an important opportunity. You have the opportunity to turn bad things into good things. I believe you will seize this opportunity.” According to kaliureid, a major task of the new government is to be transparent to the people and to organize party fund-raising activities honestly. At the same time, the president said the people have high expectations that the country will succeed in the fight against the epidemic crisis.

&Prime Minister carlas said it was a growing government and acknowledged that the new government had to deal with major crises. We will strive to create a better life for the people and lead the country towards the future in a brave, open and wise way. She said that the primary task of the new government is to respond to the COVID-19 crisis, develop green industries and create digital countries. (head office reporter Hao Xiaoli)

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