Foreign media’s view on China’s “China plan” at Davos dialogue

On January 25th, President Xi Jinping attended the “Davos agenda” dialogue at the world economic forum in Beijing on video and delivered a special speech. Photo by Li Xueren of Xinhua News Agency

On the evening of January 25th, China’s president Xi Jinping attended the “Davos agenda” dialogue at the world economic forum in Beijing, and delivered a special speech entitled “let the torch of multilateralism illuminate the way forward for mankind”. Xi Jinping stressed that the solution to the problems faced by this era lies in maintaining and practicing multilateralism and promoting the building of a community of human destiny. China’s novel coronavirus pneumonia praised Xi Jinping’s speech as a direct and effective way to tackle the challenges and challenges of the times.

CNN reported that “a series of measures taken by China during the epidemic period have effectively controlled the spread of the epidemic in China.”. While restoring the domestic economy and preventing and controlling the domestic epidemic, China has also provided assistance to more than 150 countries and 13 international organizations. In his speech, President Xi Jinping repeatedly stressed the importance of consultation and cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win situation. Although no specific countries or regions were specified, it was mentioned that the division of the past world had made “human beings pay a heavy price”. In the difficult times of the spread of the epidemic, President Xi Jinping called on all countries to carry out global action, global response and global cooperation.

In a headline report, VOA said President Xi Jinping called on all countries to cooperate in order to revive the world economy and urge all countries to revive multilateralism. The article wrote: “the rapid emergence of new crown vaccine gives people hope, but it still faces the problems of vaccine distribution and virus mutation, and the anti epidemic work is still arduous. At the same time, China and Asian countries will recover strongly in 2021, and the economy will rebound rapidly. “

Bloomberg reported in the report that President Xi Jinping repeatedly mentioned that under the background of the new crown raging, the countries of the world should strengthen cooperation and promote multilateralism. China is the only big country to realize economic growth in COVID-19 last year. Economists expect its economic growth rate to reach 8.3% this year.

The Reuters has focused on chairman Xi Jinping’s initiative to promote multilateralism. “President Xi Jinping called on the group of twenty to play a greater role in global economic governance” to promote the development of the world economy with higher quality and more resilience. In addition, Reuters also highlighted China’s economic growth under the epidemic situation. “Official data released last week showed that China’s GDP grew by 2.3% in 2020, the lowest annual growth rate in more than 40 years, but China was still the only big country to avoid economic contraction last year.”.

The Sydney Morning Herald pointed out that the world economic forum is the first important meeting in the new year of the world. The leaders of the world will focus on tackling global climate change outside COVID-19. “Everyone’s eyes will also focus on President Xi’s explanation of climate change.”

The Guardian newspaper reported that President Xi Jinping’s address “conveys a signal against trade protectionism”. The official website of the world economic forum also praised Xi Jinping’s speech as “providing a historic opportunity for global cooperation”.


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