Putin on the phone with US President Biden

Moscow, January 26 (Xinhua) Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Biden spoke on the phone for the first time on the 26th to discuss the development of bilateral relations and global hot issues.

Putin congratulated Biden on his assumption of the presidency of the United States in a phone call, according to a notice released on the Russian President’s website on the 26th. He said that in view of the special responsibilities of Russia and the United States in safeguarding world security and stability, normalization of bilateral relations is in the interests of both countries and the international community.

The announcement said that the presidents of the two countries expressed satisfaction with the exchange of diplomatic notes on the day when Russia and the United States reached an agreement to extend the new START treaty. Russia and the United States will soon complete all necessary procedures for the extension of the treaty.

The two presidents also discussed the development of bilateral relations and some global hot issues, including the two countries’ cooperation in combating COVID-19 and economic and trade cooperation, the unilateral withdrawal of the United States’ open skies treaty, the comprehensive agreement on Iran’s nuclear issue, and Russia’s initiative to summon the UN Security Council’s five ordinary summit.

According to a statement issued by the White House on the same day, Biden and Putin discussed the two countries’ willingness to extend the new START treaty for five years, agreed that the two teams should complete the extension of the treaty as soon as possible before February 5, and agreed to launch strategic stability discussions on a series of arms control and emerging security issues. The statement said the leaders of the two countries agreed to continue to maintain “transparent and continuous” communication. (reporter: Liu pinran)

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