[on the whole world] take the fight against China as an achievement, the wrong pulse, the wrong medicine!

Liu Xiaojun

A few days ago, in his farewell speech, former US President trump boasted of his foreign policy agenda, claiming that during his term of office he “united all countries in the world against China in an unprecedented way.”. This kind of farce of reversing black and white and trying to contain China to realize “America is great again” is just giving yourself the wrong number and medicine!

[on the whole world] take the fight against China as an achievement, the wrong pulse, the wrong medicine!

Information picture: former US President trump

The trump administration stands on the opposite side of historical correctness and has made a fundamental mistake in understanding China’s strategy. They took China as their biggest strategic competitor, planned and promoted a series of crazy acts, adopted various means of interfering in China’s internal affairs, tried their best to suppress, slander and discredit China, and intended to contain and suppress China in an all-round way.

However, to harm others is not to benefit oneself. “Against China” can not make the United States great again, nor can it cover up the failure of the trump administration. In the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the world has seen the 4 years of the self destructive and frequent trade swinging of the group, the frequent waving of trade rods, the slow growth of the US economy caused by the trade war with China, the “I can not breathe” sad scene, the alarming number of the US New crown pneumonia disease over 400 thousand, and the Horror Picture of the Capitol Hill falling. According to the results of a recent poll of 15000 people in 11 European countries released by the European Council on foreign relations, a European think tank, most Europeans believe that the political system of the United States has broken down and that the United States can no longer be trusted after Trump’s four years in power.

Right and wrong should be judged on their own, and justice should be in the heart of the people. Contrary to the perverse actions of the trump administration, China adheres to the new path of country to country exchanges of “dialogue without confrontation, partnership without alliance”. It has made extensive friends and deepened cooperation with other countries, and constantly expanded its interest intersection with other countries. As a result, the circle of friends has expanded and the global partnership network has become more and more dense. China has been helping and pull together in times of trouble since the outbreak of COVID-19, and the friendship between them has been further promoted. On the contrary, the trump administration arbitrarily pursues “US priority” and has no bottom line of selfishness in dealing with international issues. Before the results of the US general election have been officially confirmed, Western allies have congratulated Biden on his victory, which shows that the trump administration has long been unpopular.

Cooperation is the only right choice for both sides. China and the United States share extensive common interests and space for cooperation, and bear special responsibilities for world peace and development. At the moment when the development of human society is facing major challenges, China and the United States, as well as many people of insight in the international community, are looking forward to the early return of Sino US relations to the right track and make due contributions to jointly solving the major and urgent challenges facing the world today.

The actions against the historical trend are doomed to be unpopular and doomed to failure, and can not stop the historical pace of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The US side should realize that the most sustainable way to take the lead is to constantly improve itself, not to block the development of other countries. The future world should not and can not let China become the United States, but the United States should make itself a better America, and China will become a better China.

[correction] [editor in charge: Liu Xin, Hou Qiang]


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