Foreign media: Biden starts “wartime state” to fight against epidemic situation

According to Agence France-Presse reported on January 21st, President Biden on Thursday promised to mobilize the greatest degree of mobilization against COVID-19 as a “wartime state”. He announced a number of restrictions on tourists and attacked the “tragic failure” of the former government’s vaccine distribution work.

Biden said on his second day as President: “our strategy is based on science rather than politics, on truth rather than self deception.” It shows how he intends to contrast with trump.

In his inaugural address, Biden said the epidemic in the United States is about to enter the most difficult and fatal stage. He called on Americans to put down their political differences and work together to deal with this “cold winter”.

Passengers to the United States will be forced to be quarantined upon arrival

In addition, according to the BBC website on January 21, US President Biden signed a number of executive orders, hoping to help fight the new coronavirus epidemic that ravages the United States.

The United States will speed up vaccination, expand the scale of testing, and increase the production of masks and other epidemic prevention necessities.

Announcing the measures, Biden said it would take months to eliminate the epidemic, but as long as we unite, the United States can “tide over the difficulties.”.

Unlike former president trump, Biden’s policy emphasizes that the fight against the epidemic is a national strategy, and it is not up to the States to decide what measures are most appropriate.

Biden said the “bold, practical measures” he was about to take would not be very cost-effective. “One thing I want to make clear is that the current situation will continue to deteriorate until it gets better,” he stressed

“It’s a wartime mission,” Biden said He once again mentioned novel coronavirus pneumonia deaths in the United States have exceeded the total number of us World War II deaths.

He thought the vaccination work of Xinguan so far had fallen into a “tragic failure”, and said that he planned to complete 100 million doses of vaccination 100 days before taking office. Biden pointed out that this is “one of the most serious challenges that our country has ever experienced.”.

Although the executive orders do not need to be approved by Congress, most of the money needed for the relevant measures is included in Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus package announced last week. Biden needs the cooperation of the house and Senate if he wants the package to pass smoothly.

In addition, according to the Daily Telegraph website on January 21, US President Biden announced the government’s epidemic prevention plan through a national television address, saying that visitors to the United States will be required to be quarantined after arriving in the United States.

As one of the epidemic prevention measures, Biden announced that all passengers to the United States should not only be tested for virus before boarding, but also be isolated after arriving in the United States.

Previously, international visitors to the United States would receive quarantine advice, but it was not mandatory.

Strict implementation of “mask order”

Washington, January 21 (AFP) – U.S. President Joe Biden strengthened the “mask order” on Thursday local time. On his first full working day in office, he began to deal with the new coronavirus epidemic.

“Our country is in a critical moment, and it’s time to take an attitude towards it,” he said Biden also said he hopes to restore public trust after the end of the divisive trump era.

He said the work of scientists would be “free from political interference” during his administration. Biden promised, “if we make a mistake, we will let you know.”

Biden said that wearing masks “unfortunately has become a party issue. In fact, wearing masks is a patriotic act.”. This statement is in sharp contrast to trump’s. In the past few months, trump has been sending ambiguous signals about whether to encourage wearing masks.

Biden plans to require people to wear masks at airports and on certain public transport vehicles, including trains, planes, boats and intercity buses.

Although vaccine production entered the fast lane in the last year of Trump’s administration, vaccination has been chaotic. “The job we’re taking over is much worse than we thought,” said Jeffrey zintz, the new White House epidemic coordinator  

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