Japan may hold “closed door Olympics”

According to Taiwan’s “Central News Agency” in Tokyo on January 23, International Olympic Committee President Bach’s attitude toward whether the East Olympic Games will be held in the form of “no audience” has changed.

Reported that the Japanese COVID-19 continued to burn, for the Tokyo Olympic Games postponed from last summer to July 23rd this year can be held as scheduled, pessimism continued to emerge, but the Japanese government still stressed that the direction of the ongoing preparations.

Bach released a video on the 22nd, aiming at the countdown half year of the opening of the East Olympic Games. Bach said that “special means are needed in a special period, which also involves audience issues, including how many audiences should be allowed to enter and whether they can be allowed to enter.”. The implication is that the closed door competition without opening the audience may become one of the holding options.

London, January 22 (Reuters) – the International Olympic Committee will work with the World Health Organization to vaccinate all athletes to save the Tokyo Olympics.

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