Member of International Olympic Committee: Tokyo Olympic Games may be held without spectators

Lord Sebastian Coe, a member of the International Olympic Committee and the Tokyo Olympic Coordinating Committee, said that if the Tokyo Olympic Games were held as scheduled in 2021, it might have to be held in an empty space without spectators. According to Japan’s Kyodo news agency, Miyamoto Katsuhiro, an honorary Japanese economist and an honorary professor at Kansai University, estimates that if the Tokyo Olympic Games and Paralympic Games are open, the economic losses will be about 2 trillion and 413 billion 300 million yen (about 23 billion US dollars), thanks to the expansion of COVID-19. This estimate is based on the expected economic effects of the Tokyo Metropolitan preparatory Bureau for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, taking into account various losses. If the Olympic Games are cancelled, the economic loss will reach about 4.5 trillion yen.

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