Merkel invites new US President Biden to visit Germany

Xinhua news agency, Berlin, January, 26 (reporter Ren Ke Yuan Chang) German Chancellor Merkel and U.S. President Biden called on the evening of 25, to explore ways to strengthen international cooperation. Merkel invited Biden to visit Germany at the time of COVID-19’s permission.

This is the first call between the leaders of the two countries since Biden became president of the United States. The German government issued a statement late at night on the 25th, saying that Merkel congratulated Biden on his successful inauguration by telephone and expressed Germany’s willingness to cooperate with EU and transatlantic partners to shoulder international responsibilities.

Leaders of the two countries agreed that more international cooperation is needed to deal with the new coronavirus pandemic. Merkel welcomed the return of the United States to the World Health Organization.

The two sides also discussed international hot issues and trade and climate policies. Merkel also welcomed the U.S. decision to return to the Paris climate agreement and invited Biden to visit Germany when the epidemic permits.

Analysts said that in the past four years, Trump’s unilateral measures in international affairs under the banner of “priority for the United States” and his constant accusations of Germany and other traditional European allies on defense budget and “beixi-2” gas pipeline project have led to the collapse of transatlantic relations for decades. Trump has never paid an official visit to Germany during his term of office. Although all circles in the United States and Europe expect the transatlantic relations to improve after Biden takes office, Merkel said at a press conference on the 21st that some differences between Germany and the United States will continue to exist.


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