Improving immunity is not difficult, these 7 nutrients can help, which can be obtained from these common foods!

Approaching the Spring Festival, the counterattack of the epidemic brought people’s hearts again.

For the public, in addition to being concerned about whether the epidemic is going to be able to go home for the New Year, people are also gradually realizing that “improving their own immunity” is the top priority that needs attention.

Speaking of immunity, this also reminds Xiao Hydro of the question discussed with colleagues a few days ago: “What is the difference between a confirmed case of the new crown and an asymptomatic infection? Are they all tested positive and infected with the new crown virus? “The answer to some doctors’ answers to “what does the asymptomatic infection mean” on the Internet search mentioned that “one of the reasons for the formation of asymptomatic infection may be: it may be because the patient’s own resistance is strong.” Here comes the question of immunity.

And diet is an important helper to “charge” immunity.

These nutrients are closely related to immunity and can be obtained from some common foods!
(1) Protein-the “founder” of antibody formation

Antibodies are an indispensable weapon when the human body struggles with the outside world to maintain immunity. Protein is the basis for the formation of antibodies. The lack of protein directly affects the synthesis of antibodies, which is equivalent to fighting without swords and guns.

Daily protein can be obtained from these foods: milk, eggs, lean meat, soybeans, etc. are all good sources of high-quality protein.

(2) Vitamin D-the “commander” of immune cells

Many studies have linked low levels of vitamin D with an increase in the incidence of new crown positive, and also increased the risk of severe illness or death after infection.

Almost all of our immune cells have vitamin D receptors. When we are injured or infected, the immune system releases proteins called cytokines. Activation of vitamin D receptors can help reduce “pro-inflammatory” cytokines, while increasing anti-inflammatory cytokines can help reduce overall inflammation. This is important, because one of the symptoms of severely ill patients with new coronary disease is the production of inflammatory cytokine storms, which means that too much inflammation is complicated, and the lungs do not have enough anti-inflammatory compounds to deal with it, which may lead to sepsis and death.

Vitamin D in food is not rich, but it can also be obtained from these foods daily: salmon, butter, whole milk, cod liver oil, etc.

(3) Vitamin C-the “catalyst” of antibody formation

The role of vitamin C is to stimulate the formation and proliferation of immune cells, and to help improve the ability to fight infection. It can also be absorbed by immune cells to help fight inflammation.

Foods rich in vitamin C are fresh fruits and vegetables, such as broccoli, Chinese cabbage, tomatoes, etc. in vegetables are more vitamin C content; fruits in hawthorn, kiwi, papaya, strawberries, etc.

(4) Zinc-a “good helper” for the immune system

Zinc deficiency will increase the sensitivity to various pathogens-including viruses. This is because zinc helps support the immune system, especially the development of the immune system and the maintenance of normal immune function.

Zinc is found in foods such as oysters, meat, crabs, lobsters, beans, nuts and seeds.

(5) Iron-the “powerful backing” formed by antibodies

Insufficient iron intake or excessive body loss will affect the production of hemoglobin, cause iron-deficiency anemia, and reduce human immunity. Moreover, iron deficiency can lead to a decrease in the number of immune cells, which in turn affects the production of antibodies, leading to a deficiency in immune response.

Sources of dietary iron: such as animal liver, animal blood, red meat (pig lean meat, beef, lamb), spinach, soybeans, etc.

(6) Selenium-an indispensable immune expert

This nutrient may sound unfamiliar, but selenium is very important for immune health. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, selenium deficiency has been found to make the situation of new crown infections poor, and the risk of death from infection increases by 3-5 times.

Foods containing selenium include: seafood such as fish and shrimp, sea cucumbers, organ meats such as pig kidney, garlic, mushrooms, cabbage, pumpkin and other vegetables are good food sources of selenium.

(7) Hydrogen-the “accelerator” of immune repair

Although hydrogen is currently not among the seven essential nutrients that are well known to the human body, hydrogen can remove malignant free radicals (reactive oxygen species) in body fluids and intracellular fluids through selective antioxidant action, rebuild the internal environment, and activate and accelerate immunity The self-repair process of the system allows the immune system to gradually return to normal, which not only improves the body’s ability to eliminate foreign bodies such as viruses, bacteria, and cancerous cells, but also reduces the immune hypersensitivity effects that cause allergies and autoimmune diseases. In the future, hydrogen may become the eighth nutrient necessary for human health! And hydrogen can become an ultimate nutrient, because hydrogen has the most extensive medical and healthcare preventive effects unmatched by other nutrients, and hydrogen has the ultimate safety.

How to replenish hydrogen: You can ingest hydrogen by drinking hydrogen-rich water, breathing hydrogen, taking a hydrogen bath, injecting hydrogen-rich saline, or taking hydrogen-producing drugs.

Disclaimer: Part of the content of this article comes from the Internet, and the reprinting is for the purpose of transmitting more information. It does not mean that Nanobarber Hydrogen Friends Association agrees with its views or confirms the authenticity of its content. Validity, etc. shall be guaranteed in any form. If the content involves health advice, it is for reference only and not as a basis for health guidance.

Warm reminder: According to the “Food and Drug Administration Regulations”, hydrogen cannot replace drug treatment.


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