Yan Zhiyou / triad in the press / Qu Yingyan

Unexpectedly, Jordan forced the closure of the area for two days, and the red ones turned out to be cans and can knives.

It is said that the rumor originated from Radio Hong Kong. A piece of news saying “no canning knife and cooking tools” with a picture of the first tin, the powder and the bottom of the can perfectly demonstrated what misleading false news is.

It is clear that 80% of the canned goods distributed by the government to the residents in the epidemic areas are easy to pull. However, the reporter of Radio Hong Kong used canned goods to make an article. Although he didn’t say it clearly, it was to give the public a negative impression that “food is useless”.

When the rumors were kicked out by the public, RTHK complained first. A department called “corporate communications and program standards section of RTHK” issued a press release, severely denouncing the public’s “false accusations” against the news department, believing that they were being discredited, and saying that the “reports” were all statements of fact;.

This press release is remarkable. RTHK does not dare to say whether the can in the reporter’s hand is easy to open, but cleverly says: “all reports are statements of facts.”;. Yes, the reporter’s sentence: “the hotel does not have a tin knife and cooking tools” is a statement of fact, but as we all know, the fact we need to see is whether there is a snap on the top of the tin that you have hidden.

On weekdays, people have no response to the content and methods of RTHK’s programs, or even to the attitude of reporters, such as complaints, exhortations and censures. If you make trouble, they are stupid to ignore you. Anyway, they are holding an iron rice bowl. What can you do for me?

Today, for the first time, they open their teeth and wave their claws in response to a public criticism, saying that they have been discredited by others, and that they have been working with the association of documentary writers and speaking in unison. They say that the incident is an attempt to silence the media and harm the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press;.

Reporters and editors deliberately mislead the public, and everyone criticizes them. This is to expose evil deeds, not to discredit and suppress them. Knowing that journalists are doing bad things, organizations are blindfolded to get reporters, and trade unions are blindfolded to get organizations. Can this industry be saved?

The South China Morning Post also published similar photos and reports about the same can puzzle. The next day, people apologized for the misleading. However, RTHK has persisted to this day, and it still shows its bad looks. The “RTHK program standards group” can’t even distinguish right from wrong. Is this kind of media still media? It’s the underworld of the press.

An official media should play a positive role in the government’s compulsory quarantine, but they never do their duty well. Instead, they join the ranks of rumor making and drag down the government. Is there any value in such a media that has lost its due role and news morality?


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