How to judge neurasthenia?


It is caused by prolonged periods of stress or stress that lead to mental excitement or fatigue accompanied by a series of symptoms.

It is mainly the clinical manifestations after anxiety and depression are eliminated. The main characteristics are insufficient brain power, fatigue, insomnia, sensitivity to various large and small stimuli, and unstable mood fluctuations. This series of symptoms are attributed to Neurasthenia.

The so-called neurasthenia has more complicated clinical manifestations. Some are mainly mood swings and irritability, some are mainly insomnia, some are mainly discomfort in certain organs or parts of the body, and some are mainly sensitive, and some are fatigue, fatigue, The manifestations of lack of brainpower, etc., are various, varied and complex. ‍

How to judge neurasthenia?

If there is muscle headache, tension headache, sleep disturbance, indigestion, it is easy to irritate, and the body and mind cannot relax, and at the same time, after using the brain, it will continue to feel tired and the body will be excessively weak. And the symptoms cannot be alleviated after the body takes a general rest, and the neurasthenia can be initially judged. ‍

How to treat neurasthenia?

  1. Recognize the disease: Have a correct understanding of the disease but establish the confidence to overcome the disease. Understanding the disease can eliminate anxiety and fear of the disease, thereby preventing neurasthenia and other symptoms from interacting with each other and causing a vicious circle. Improve symptoms.
  2. Communicate more: Communicate more with people around you when you feel stressed.
  3. Rational use of medicines: When the symptoms of the disease are severe, it is necessary to take medicines. The Anshen Qingnao Prescription can be used to treat the symptoms according to one person and one side to improve the autonomic nervous function disorder.
  4. Rest and activities: Participate in some activities, such as playing badminton, playing table tennis, and dancing to relieve yourself from a tense state. With the treatment of drugs, the autonomic nerve function returns to normal, which can only be obtained during exercise. Relax, and let yourself combine work and rest, can get the real rest purpose.


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