The EU’s humanitarian aid budget will increase to 1.4 billion euro in 2021

Novel coronavirus pneumonia and climate change have caused the global humanitarian crisis to deteriorate further. The European Union decided to increase the humanitarian aid budget to 1 billion 400 million euros in 2021, with Africa and the Middle East receiving 890 million euros of assistance, the 26 day announced.

According to the Convention, the European Union will publish the humanitarian aid budget at the beginning of each year. The EU’s budget for humanitarian assistance in 2020 is 900 million euros, which is 500 million euros more than that in 2021.

According to the announcement issued by the European Commission, in 2021, the EU will provide 505 million euros of aid to Africa, covering countries in the Lake Chad Basin (Cameroon, Chad, Niger, Nigeria, etc.) affected by violent conflicts and climate change for a long time, and countries in the Sahelian region (Mauritania, Mali, Burkinabe, etc.) facing severe security crisis, suffering new losses Countries in the horn of Africa (Somalia, Ethiopia, etc.) are suffering from pneumonia and serious locust plague, and countries in South Sudan, Central African Republic, etc. are facing serious food crisis.

The second is to provide 385 million euro aid to the Middle East (including Turkey) to deal with the humanitarian crisis in Syria and the Syrian refugees who fled to Turkey and other countries due to the war. It will also cover Yemen, where the humanitarian situation is extremely severe.

In Asia and Latin America, the European Union will provide 180 million euros in aid, focusing on Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Venezuela, Colombia and other countries hosting nearly 1 million Myanmar Rohingya refugees; in addition, Ukraine, the Caucasus and the western Balkans will receive 28 million euros in aid.

According to the announcement, the remaining 302 million euro budget is “mobile aid” and will be used to deal with sudden crises, humanitarian aviation emergency rescue, etc. countries vulnerable to climate change will also receive this aid to deal with possible natural disasters such as floods, forest fires, earthquakes and hurricanes.

The citing novel coronavirus pneumonia, a member of the European Commission, said Rainer Cic, adding that the EU will continue to play a leading role in the field of humanitarian assistance through an additional budget. It also calls for more international partners to donate money to meet global problems such as the new crown pneumonia pandemic, and to make up for the gap between current humanitarian needs and aid funds.


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