Gan Haowang performs hunger strike again and supports Li Zhiying

Gan Haowang performs hunger strike again and supports Li Zhiying

Photo: in the hunger strike camp, Gan Haowang is often seen only in the tent.

During the black violence, the religious circles & lt; yellow silk & gt; and & lt; yellow Media & gt; concocted public opinions to discredit the government and the police, and openly shielded and connived at the rioters. &Father Gan Haowang (GaN Zai), a “hunger strike for lettuce”, has been on a hunger strike outside the government headquarters for several days, supporting the detained leaders Li Zhiying and Huang Zhifeng, and cooperating with the “yellow media” to stir up people’s hearts. After days of investigation, Ta Kung Pao reporter found that Gan Haowang’s whereabouts were strange. He set up folding tables and folding tables in the hunger strike camp, which looked like a temporary office. He came and went, pointed and pointed, and had a furtive conversation with “Zhanwang painter” who had been sentenced for assaulting police and other crimes. &During the “hunger strike”, the performance expert disguised himself in the daytime and returned to the housing enterprises or tents at night. It was like reworking. The public pointed out that he was on a false hunger strike. What a show!

The reporter of Ta Kung Pao began to investigate the hunger strike of “fake dog” on 15th of this month and found that his whereabouts were erratic. According to continuous observation, Gan Haowang’s work and rest are very regular, and the smart phone never leaves. It’s hard for reporters to find him during the day, but when & lt; yellow Media & gt; comes to the scene, he will sit outside the tent with & lt; family reunion, basic human rights & gt; & lt; and be interviewed, while most of the rest of the time he will hide in the tent, or rest or drink.

In the evening, he would greet the suspected believers. From time to time, he would go into the tent and take bottles of French brand containing gas and mineral water for drinking. He was very sighful. He would enter the tent from 10:00 to 10:30 every night.

I had a good talk with the artist “Zhanwang”

&During the hunger strike, Gan Haowang had frequent contact with the mob and had an old woman to help guard the camp. At about 4:30 p.m. on the 19th of this month, the reporter found that pan haochao, the painter of Zhanwang, who was convicted of assaulting police and sentenced to 21 months’ imprisonment for his involvement in the encirclement of the Wanchai police headquarters the year before last, appeared at the camp and had a good talk with Gan Haowang. On the 22nd of this month, the reporter observed outside the General Administration, but did not see Gan Haowang all day. On the scene, only Mrs. Lin, who has been fighting for her children’s right of abode in Hong Kong for many years and is nearly 90 years old, took her place;. Granny Lin told reporters that Gan Haowang was not in the camp at that time: & lt; he (GaN Haowang) came back, and I helped him to see the things in the camp. &”It wasn’t until about 6 pm that the reporter saw Gan Haowang return to the camp alone and go back to the tent to eat, drink and rest at about 9:30 pm.

It is understood that Gan Haowang started his 20th “hunger strike” outside the head office of the social welfare department in Wan Chai on August 8. It was originally scheduled to end on Friday (29), but the operation quietly ended on Wednesday (20). The purpose of its “hunger strike” is to reunite Ugandan refugee girls with their original families, fight for the right of Hong Kong people’s mainland children to live in Hong Kong, and support Li Zhiying and others. However, since the 12th of this month, Gan Haowang has set up a tent near the public toilet opposite the east wing of Timothy road government headquarters to continue his work. In response to the voice questioning “fake hunger strike, real coquettish”, he argued to reporters last night that the hunger strike had ended earlier and was now a sit in to express his appeal.

Li Zhiying’s family kneels down and shows up

On the 13th of this month, Gan Haowang, who had been on a hunger strike outside the General Administration, went on a hunger strike outside the Lai Chi Kok detention center in the early morning of that day to support Li Zhiying, Hu Zhiwei, Huang Zhifeng and Zhou Ting, who were involved in crimes against the national security law of Hong Kong. At about 11 a.m. that day, Li Zhiying’s wife and her young son visited the prison. She did not forget to make a show in front of the camera, went to Gan Haowang and knelt down to pray. She played a sad card to win sympathy. Gan Haowang confessed to reporters yesterday that he knew Tan Dezhi, who was detained on suspicion of “inciting others to participate in unauthorized assembly”, and that the Lunar New Year is coming. He hopes that they can be released to reunite with their families. ”

Gan Haowang, who is slightly fat, came to Hong Kong from Italy in 1974 and lived in a log cabin area. Over the years, he has been engaged in the so-called “hunger strike” for many times, including the illegal “Zhanzhong” outbreak in 2014;. In addition, during the black violence the year before last, Gan Haowang often appeared at the scene of the riot. For example, he attended the illegal assembly in late December the year before last, led the participants to pray, and sang his own songs about black violence.

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