Mayor of New York: if it is not replenished in time, the New York crown vaccine will be used up in two days

New York City’s stock of about 92000 doses of vaccine will be used up on Thursday if it is not replenished according to the current new crown vaccination rate in New York City, New York City’s mayor Beth Howe said on the 19th.

New York City began the new crown vaccination in the middle of December last year. Due to the slow speed of initial vaccination, the city government promoted the opening of a number of all-weather vaccination centers, but now it is facing the embarrassment of no vaccine available. During the period from January 10 to 16, New York City was vaccinated with about 220000 doses of vaccine, with a total of nearly 456000 doses. If the vaccine supply was sufficient, about 300000 doses could have been vaccinated this week, but the reality is that some hospitals are forced to cancel a certain number of vaccination appointments; without the help of the federal government, New York City will have to temporarily close some vaccination sites on Thursday. Bai Sihao said he was optimistic that the supply of vaccines is expected to increase significantly after President elect Biden takes office.

According to the data released by New York governor Andrew Cuomo on the state government website on the same day, about 77% of the vaccines have been used in the whole state, with 217800 doses remaining in the first dose and 52500 doses remaining in the second dose. Previously, New York State received an average of about 200000 doses a week. He called on people not to go to vaccination sites without an appointment. In addition to calling on the federal government to increase the supply of vaccines, Como has written to Pfizer on the 18th, hoping to buy more vaccines directly from the company.

In January 18th, novel coronavirus pneumonia was detected in nearly 177 thousand and 300 cases in New York, with a positive rate of 7.06%. In January 18th, 9236 cases of new crown pneumonia and 1614 cases of intensive care were hospitalized, and 167 died. In terms of medical capacity, the proportion of spare beds is about 32%, and the proportion of spare intensive care beds is about 27%. Since January, the medical capacity of New York State has basically remained at this level, with no obvious change.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is diagnosed in 19 of the total in, according to Johns · Hopki University. The number of patients who died of new crown pneumonia is over 400 thousand, and the death toll in the state is more than 41 thousand.


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