May Kan Yiwei’s government step down in April?

  May Kan Yiwei's government step down in April?

Kyodo News Agency’s poll on January 9 and 10 showed that the support rate of Kan Yiwei’s government dropped sharply to 41% from 50% in the previous month. In another opinion poll conducted by the daily news agency on January 16, the government’s support rate turned on a yellow light and dropped sharply to 33%.

According to the report, if the support rate of the Japanese government is lower than 50% at the beginning of the regular parliament in January, it will be fiercely attacked by the opposition parties in the subsequent parliament, and many important bills will not be passed smoothly. In the past 20 years, the support rate of Yoshiro Mori’s Government (2001) was 23% in January, that of Abe’s Government (2007) was 45%, that of Yasuo Fukuda’s Government (2008) was 41%, and that of Taro Aso’s Government (2009) was 19%.

Not only that, according to the analysis of Japan’s 47news website, Kan Yiwei’s government still has at least two time bombs. One is whether the Tokyo Olympic Games can be held smoothly, and the other is the scandal of the top level of the Liberal Democratic Party that has been exposed one after another. In addition, Kan’s potential successor has begun to attract the attention of the public and the media. According to the latest polls, taro Kono, the minister in charge of administrative reform, and Shi bomao, the former Secretary of the Liberal Democratic Party, have higher expectations than Kan.


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