Biden threatened to defeat white supremacy and called on the United States to end the “uncivilized war”

Biden threatened to defeat white supremacy and called on the United States to end the

Biden was sworn in as president of the United States. Pembo

Threatening to defeat white supremacy;

Biden, the new US president, was officially sworn in for a four-year term outside the Capitol Hill where riots broke out two weeks ago yesterday. At the beginning of his inaugural address, Biden described it as “a day for America, a day for democracy.”; He said that the inauguration ceremony was not to celebrate the victory of individual candidates, but the victory of the cause of democracy. He also said that the voice of the people had been heard. In view of the mess left by former president trump, Biden called on the country to unite and defeat the new coronavirus, white supremacy and local terrorism, and end the “uncivilized war.”;.

In his speech, Biden expressed his gratitude to the former presidents of both parties who were willing to attend the ceremony, and to former President Carter, who was absent for health reasons, for secretly criticizing trump, who refused to attend. Biden mentioned that the death toll of the United States in COVID-19 has exceeded World War II, describing that the country is going through “ &rdquo is dangerous.

Promise to be president for all

Biden also promised to fight for all Americans, including the voters who did not vote for him. He hoped that those who did not support him would listen to his views. Even if they did not agree in the end, it doesn’t matter. “This is democracy, this is America.” he stressed that the right to express dissent peacefully is the most powerful part of America; But listen to me clearly, different opinions must not be divided. I promise that I will be the president of all Americans. ”

Biden’s inaugural ceremony was the best in nearly 30 years in the United States. Former vice president burns, former President Obama, Bush and Clinton all attended the ceremony. The ceremony begins with the minister’s prayer, and then the music queen Lady Gaga leads the singing of the national anthem. Under the oath of Latino Supreme Court justice Sotomayor, vice president Harris was traditionally sworn in before noon, and then performed by the famous singer Jennifer Lopez. Biden, who became the oldest president in history at the age of 78, was later sworn in as the 46th president of the United States under the supervision of Chief Justice Roberts of the Supreme Court, using the Bible handed down by his family.

On the first day, 15 decrees were issued to overthrow the policies of the former dynasty

In response to COVID-19, the inauguration ceremony was attended by only 1000 people and the social distance was maintained. The main guests and staff members on the steps of the Capitol Hill were wearing masks, but some people were still taking off in their speeches. After the inauguration ceremony, Biden went to Arlington National Cemetery with three former presidents to present flowers to the tomb of the unknown soldier, and then went to the White House to officially start work.

Biden plans to sign as many as 15 executive orders on the first day of his inauguration, overturning a number of controversial policies of the previous government. First, he calls for the suspension of former president Trump’s US Mexico border fence construction plan, and the lifting of entry bans against many Muslim countries. In order to control the epidemic as soon as possible, Biden quickly set up a new White House response team and asked people to wear masks in federal government buildings. Biden will also, through an executive order, let the United States return to the Paris Agreement on climate change and the World Health Organization, and the controversial US Canada oil pipeline project “XL & Rd” will be immediately suspended.

Biden will also lift the U.S. military ban on cross gender service as soon as possible, and the dispute report issued by Trump’s “1776 committee” will be withdrawn.


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