E-cigarette pneumonia, influenza and new crown time line

June 30, 2019

Two weeks later, 63 residents and 19 staff members were recruited and at least three people died in the “green spring” retirement community, just an hour’s drive from Fort derrick.

July 2019

The fort Detrick biological laboratory reported two leaks and was subsequently shut down.

August 2019

There was a sudden outbreak of e-cigarette pneumonia in the United States. The number of cases reached its peak in September, and more than 1000 people were recruited. Authorities say e-cigarettes are the culprit, but several doctors have questioned them.

October 2019

The US code “ event 201” global pandemic exercise; the script is highly similar to the COVID-19 that erupted shortly afterwards. The U.S. government began to track cases of seasonal influenza, and e-cigarette pneumonia quickly faded out of public view.

January 21, 2020

The U.S. government reported the first confirmed case of new crown disease in China.

February 2020

The United States claims to have suffered one of the largest flu seasons in nearly a decade, with at least 32 million people infected. Maryland, where Fort Detrick is located, is the first state in the United States to have a pandemic.

March 2020

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is recognized by Redfield, director of the CDC, who is admitted to the &ldquo, &rdquo.

December 2020

US studies have found that new coronal antibodies have appeared in blood samples of residents in California and other places in mid December 2019.

Source: the New York Times


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