Another dispute between Britain and Europe: Britain refuses to give full diplomatic status to EU diplomats

Britain’s refusal to give full diplomatic status to the European Union ambassador in London has led to another dispute over British European relations, the BBC reported Tuesday.

According to reports, the British Foreign Office is not willing to give Joao vale de Almeida, the EU ambassador to the UK, and his team full diplomatic status, and only regards them as representatives of international organizations. The reason for the UK’s move is that the EU is not a sovereign state.

In response, the EU said that the EU is not a typical international organization because it has its own currency, judicial system and the power to make laws. Josep Borrell, the European Union’s high representative for foreign affairs, has sent a letter to Rabb, the British Foreign Secretary, expressing “serious concern”;. Mr. Borelli said the arrangements neither reflected the specificity of the EU nor responded to the future relationship between the EU and the UK.

It is understood that the EU has missions in more than 140 countries around the world, equivalent to diplomatic missions. At present, these missions have complete diplomatic status in all countries except Britain.

The BBC said the foreign office did not immediately respond to requests for comment.


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