Biden administration faces major challenge: vaccine distribution plan or start from scratch?

According to CNN 21, according to sources familiar with Biden’s new government and epidemic related work, Biden’s government has not received any vaccine distribution plan from Trump’s government, which poses a major challenge to the new government. According to the source, although many vaccines under former president Trump’s presidency have been authorized, there is still a complete lack of vaccine distribution strategy and we have to start from scratch. As a result, the new government faces great pressure to fulfill Biden’s previous commitment to deal with the epidemic and the distribution of vaccines.

Before trump left office, the United States had authorized the use of two new vaccines. According to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention of the United States, as of January 20, the United States had received about 16.5 million doses of vaccine, which is far lower than the trump administration’s target of “20 million doses of vaccine by the end of 2020.”. The Biden administration has asked some key figures in the anti epidemic and vaccine work under trump to resign, including moncef slaoui, the chief adviser to the US government’s vaccine program operation warp speed. For example, fudge, an expert in infectious diseases in the United States, was re employed as the chief medical adviser of Biden administration. However, Fudge denied on the 21st that the Biden government should start from scratch;.

CNN pointed out that it was difficult for Biden’s transition team to obtain important information from the trump government before the inauguration ceremony, so some of Biden’s epidemic advisers need to avoid public criticism of the trump government’s response to the epidemic and vaccines. Sources said they were working with the previous government. Now that power has been transferred, the Biden administration hopes that they can quickly and clearly understand the actual situation of vaccine distribution and management across the country, and understand what the trump administration has done and has not done.


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