Russia breaks out illegal show of prestige US embassy in Russia

Russia breaks out illegal show of prestige US embassy in Russia

Photo: clashes broke out between Moscow police and protestors on the 23rd. /Reuters

According to Russia today, Russian satellite news agency and Reuters, Russian opposition figure narwani was arrested after returning to Russia from Germany on the 17th. On the 23rd, at the instigation of narwani and his allies, illegal demonstrations were held in many places in Russia. Thousands of demonstrators gathered to protest in violation of the anti epidemic provisions of the new crown, and even violently attacked police. Before the demonstration, the U.S. Embassy in Russia openly released a map and listed the specific time and place of the activity, and also claimed to “march into the Kremlin.”;. Russia’s foreign ministry “opened fire” and denounced “hypocrisy as a diplomatic tool of the United States” and summoned American diplomats to ask for an explanation. Kremlin spokesman Peskov criticized the United States for interfering in Russia’s internal affairs, indirectly supporting illegal acts and supporting illegal demonstrations.

On the 23rd local time, demonstrations broke out in several Russian cities, and the demonstrations in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other places turned into violent conflicts. Moscow police said about 4000 people gathered in Pushkin square north of the Kremlin on the same day. Throughout the afternoon, riot police were trying to disperse the crowd, and some of the demonstrators scuffled with the police, throwing snowballs, water bottles, etc. On the scene, an anti narwani person climbed up the lamp post and launched a banner criticizing the opposition, but was dragged away by narwani supporters, and the street lights were also damaged. A total of 39 police officers were injured in Moscow, but fortunately they were not seriously injured, security officials said.

Russia points to the number of big demonstrations in Western newspapers

Protestors in yekaterina threw smoke bombs at riot police. Field photos and videos show that many demonstrators do not wear masks, nor do they maintain social distance. Experts worry that COVID-19 will be exacerbated. Russia’s Ministry of internal affairs and the general procuratorate stressed that the processions and rallies held in various places on the 23rd were not approved and were provocations and threats to public security.

Moscow city government said more than 600 local protestors were arrested, including nalvani’s wife, Yulia, who was released shortly after. Russian authorities have not yet announced the total number of arrested protestors nationwide, but OVD info, a non-governmental organization funded by the west, claims that about 3500 people have been arrested. According to Reuters and other Western media estimates, tens of thousands of people took to the streets in Russia, with at least 40000 in Moscow alone, ten times the number released by Russia. In response, the Russian Foreign Ministry sarcastically said: “why don’t you say there are four million?”;

Double standards are commonly used in the United States

As early as the 22nd, the official website of the U.S. Embassy in Russia issued a demonstration map on the pretext of “reminding American citizens in Russia to avoid” detailing the specific time and place of activities in more than 10 cities, and added “march into the Kremlin” without authorization under the Moscow entry;.

On the 23rd, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zakharova questioned whether the US side was providing guidelines for the protestors, and said that Russia had urgently summoned US diplomats to ask for an explanation. She said that if the Russian Embassy in the United States releases a road map of protest to the Capitol, it will end with a global hysteria of American politicians, including chanting anti Russian slogans, threatening sanctions and expelling Russian diplomats.

Peskov also said on the 24th that the practice of the US embassy was improper and was suspected of interfering in Russia’s internal affairs. Earlier in the day, a US spokesman said that the US Consulate General around the world would regularly release security information to US citizens, claiming that this was only the usual behavior of the diplomatic team.

The US State Department issued a statement on the 23rd, demanding that Russia release all the demonstrators who are only exercising “universal rights” and unconditionally release narwani. In a tweet, US embassy spokesman Ross said that the Russian government arrested “peaceful protestors and journalists” and suppressed “freedom of speech” and “peaceful assembly.”;. The United Kingdom, the European Union and Canada are also following in the footsteps of the United States and are deeply worried about the situation in Russia;.

Russia’s foreign ministry pointed out without hesitation that when the United States talked about the riots in Congress, it was totally a different face. Novel coronavirus pneumonia; “ hypocrisy is a diplomatic tool of the United States, which is especially dangerous during the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Mind your own problems and stop interfering in the internal affairs of other countries. &Russia’s foreign ministry stressed that the US embassy, regardless of Russia’s opposition, wantonly incites violent activities in Russia, and even attempts to involve minors in illegal gatherings, which will have a serious negative impact on bilateral relations.


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