Many countries intend to use it

On the 8th of this month, the Ministry of health of Denmark announced that vaccination passports should be provided to all vaccinated nationals as soon as early this year as a certificate of entry to countries with such requirements.

In December last year, Cyprus announced that from March this year, passengers who can prove that they have been vaccinated will be allowed to enter the country freely without further testing or quarantine.

Earlier this month, Los Angeles County, California, cooperated with healthvana, a health information platform, to launch a vaccination certificate, which is considered to be the rudiment of a vaccine passport. Each vaccinator will be given a specific serial number that can be stored in a digital wallet.

The Greek prime minister sent a letter to European Commission President Frederick von Draine this month urging the EU to introduce a unified vaccine passport. On the 19th, the European Commission confirmed that it is making efforts to this end.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the first to be released on the 21 day of Hungary. The Hungarian prime minister’s office announced that it would provide &ldquo for the people who had been vaccinated or had recovered from the new crown pneumonia. The immunization certificate &rdquo gave them convenience to exempt curfew.

On the 25th of this month, Australia’s minister of education, Mr. tarchi, suggested that international students holding vaccine passports be allowed to be exempted from entry quarantine.

Source: Reuters, CNN


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